Natural Remedies For A Headache

Natural Remedies For A Headache
There are natural remedies that work without reaching for the old traditional pill bottle. Treatment for headaches is generally focused on relieving the pain, we’ve all had them and when we do get a headache, we will do almost anything to get rid of it. However, even more important then relieving the pain is to consider the root causes of some headaches. By discovering the cause then reoccurrence of the headache can be avoided or can help lessen the severity.

Keep a headache diary. By keeping a diary, you will be able to notice patterns that seem to be responsible for your headache. Also, rate them on a zero-to-three scale of intensity: no headache, mild headache, moderate to serve headaches to incapacitating headaches. Start to look at what food you are eating. Many foods can trigger headache. To help find out which foods bring on your headaches, make notes about what you eat and drink each day. A headache usually occurs three to 12 hours after eating a trigger food, so look back as far as 24 hours before the headache occurred to see what might have caused it. Women should begin tracking their monthly periods, as well as their use of hormone-replacement medications or oral contraceptives as a possible cause of headaches. You can then show this diary or calendar to your doctor.

Holistic physicians often ask one simple question of headache patients that is overlooked by mainstream doctors. Can you give up dairy products in your diet? Some people react adversely to milk, butter, cheese and cream. Giving up dairy might solve your migraine without any strong prescription drugs. In addition, you can avoid foods containing chemicals like nitrites and sulfites, which dilate capillaries in the brain, increasing blood flow and causing pain. Some of the trigger foods are processed meat products, red wine, caffeine and sometime unfortunately chocolate.

Some headaches may be accompanied by nausea, which can make you feel even worse. By first taking care of the nausea, the pain of the headache may be easier to treat, for nausea many patient found that drinking peach juice, apricot nectar has helped alleviate nausea. My recommendation is Ginger-used for centuries in Asia to treat nausea, vomiting, headaches and many other aliments. Ginger is a proven anti-nausea remedy that matches or surpasses drugs such as Dramamine. Herbalists generally recommend 2 to 4 grams of ginger a day for migraines. You can also make ginger tea by simmering a couple slices of fresh ginger root in a cup of water for about 15 minutes.

Try some Acupressure, like its ancient Chinese relative acupuncture, acupressure, promotes healing throughout the body. Acupressure relies on fingertips to do the probing. For general pain of headaches, here is a two-handed treatment:

1. With one hand, press the shallow indention in the back of the head at the base of the skull.

2. Simultaneously, with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, press firmly into the upper hollow of the eye socket, right where they straddle the bridge of the nose and meet the “t” of the eyebrow bridge. Press softy at first, then more firmly and hold.

Administer for three to five minutes (for an average headache). Repeat as needed throughout the day.

At many health food stores, there are small bands that are worn on the hand that mimic the Chinese medical acupressure points. These work well to relieve both regular and migraine headaches. Acupuncture has been used very successfully to relieve chronic headaches and migraines.

According to massage therapists, if your head is pounding? Use your fingertips to push on the very top of your skull. Using this technique will help to relieve pressure and pain associated with a tension headache. Press the area for 30 seconds, three times in a row, while breathing deeply.

Wearing a magnet necklace really works for headaches I would of never believed it if I had not tried it myself. You can find them at your health food store.

This drug-free headache remedy dates back to ancient Greece, where citizens were known to have pressed peppermint leaves to their temples to ease headache pain. Researchers in Germany found that peppermint oil was as effective as acetaminophen, the pain reducer in Tylenol and Datril, in reducing headache pain. Today to get a similar effect, you can simple rub a mixture of 10% peppermint-oil in ordinary alcohol. Simple rub the solution into the forehead and temples it is said that you will feel relief within 15 minutes.

Rosemary, lavender, and chamomile are other essential oils that may also help ease your headaches. For quick comfort, gently rub one drop of oil on the place where it hurts the most. The essence of the herb is very concentrated, so even though it seems like a small amount, one drop should be enough.

While certain smells, ranging from general cooking odors to perfume, can bring about migraines, others may help relieve them, according to recent research. Many migraine sufferers report that eating certain foods help reduce the length and severity of their headaches, the aromas may have something to do with it. In a recent study, migraine sufferers who had an affinity for the scent of green apples had less severe headache pain after inhaling the green apple odor. One theory is the familiar scent brought back pleasant memories from childhood, relaxed them, and enhanced their mood or, at the very least, distracted them from the pain. Pay attention to which scents trigger feelings of comfort for you-and be sure to keep those foods handy.

You can also divert blood flow from your head to your toes. Place an ice pack under the back of your neck and a hot-water bottle on top of your feet. Cooling the blood flow through your neck while warming your feet can sometimes halt the pain-causing dilation that’s occurring in your head. Holding something warm in your hands or something very cold, like ice cubes, may also stimulate blood flow. An herbal foot bath can sooth your headache. Mix one teaspoon of powder mustard or ginger with very warm water in a plastic basin big enough for both feet. Place your feet into the water. Drape a thick towel across the top to hold in the heat. Lean back in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax for about 15 minutes. By the time the water has cooled down, your headache may be completely forgotten.

If you suffer form frequent headaches, you might want to make an appointment with your dentist or your holistic practitioners they can examine your mouth for decayed or worn-down teeth that may not even hurt but are the cause of your headache pain. Headaches can be a sign of many different things, always consult your health care provider for any health care concerns you may have.

This information is not intended to replace the care or advice of a physician. This information is for informational purpose only.

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