Mass: Heaven on Earth

Mass: Heaven on Earth

In this third part of the series Reflections of An Afternoon with Scott Hahn, we´ll begin to delve into the heart of his presentations. Dr. Scott Hahn, formerly a Presbyterian minister, is now a world known Catholic Apologist. The first two parts of this series focused on a question and answer session Dr. Hahn held following his afternoon talks.

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Dr. Hahn´s first presentation centered on the typology of the Bible and how the Mass is Heaven on Earth.

He explained typology as being a rhyme scheme. The New Testament is based on the Old Testament and the Old anticipates the New. He pointed out the similarities between Moses and Jesus. Moses had twelve tribes, Jesus twelve disciples. Moses turned water into blood. Jesus turned water into wine. Dr. Hahn said that we know what he then did with wine. Jesus can be seen as the new Moses of the new covenant of the new law.

The last sign Moses performed before the Exodus was Passover. Jesus transformed the Last Supper into the New Passover. One had to eat the Lamb at Passover to ensure safety for the firstborn. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He sacrificed himself in the new Passover - in the Eucharist. The Passover of the Old Testament is fulfilled in the Eucharist.

Mass is revealed in the Apocalypse. In the Book of Revelation Jesus is called the Lamb of God 28 times in 22 chapters. Dr. Hahn enlightened us to the fact that the only thing in Revelation on every page is the Liturgy. White robes, songs, prayers. Every page of every chapter the Heavenly Liturgy corresponds to the Earthly Mass. The Rite of Communion is the Marriage feast of the Lamb. I have studied Revelation before, but never seen it in this way until now.

He asked how many of us had read Revelation and maybe a couple handfuls of people raised their arms. Dr. Hahn said that in a Protestant church that number of hands would not be raised! He told us the word Rapture does not appear at all in Revelation. He explained that while our Protestant brothers and sisters have the menu, we have the meal. They´re studying the recipe while we have the main course. He further said that the Book of Revelation is the main recipe for the Lamb of God - for Mass and for the Eucharist. Same songs, same sacrifice, same prayers as in Heaven.

Heavenly Liturgy and Earthly Mass are one in the same. Liturgy in Heaven, however, is far more glorious than can be described. But, he told us; we can go to Heaven here on Earth. That is where we are in Mass.

In sharing his conversion story with us one thing he pointed out was that in a Presbyterian church they only have one reading from the New Testament during their service. At Mass we have readings from both the New Testament and the Old Testament. He concluded this presentation by saying, "We are not New Testament Christians. We are whole Bible Christians."

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