Death to Diabetes Book Review

Death to Diabetes Book Review
There are so many reasons to read for information. We can learn about places in the world that we will never be able to visit. Finding out how to do home repairs can be addressed using books. Cookbooks teach us more than how to create edible masterpieces. They also give us information about cultures. Nutrition and health books abound. One of the best of those that I have ever read is Death to Diabetes, by DeWayne McCulley.

You might remember DeWayne McCulley from several years ago. In our town, it wasn't possible to watch early evening television without seeing one of his commercials. He is the "crazy engineer" who had a near death experience when his blood glucose levels shot up to 1337 and fast-tracked him to the hospital. After that, he became intrigued with the idea of reversing diabetes and started his research.

In his commercial, DeWayne McCulley claimed to have a program to "reverse diabetes." As I am sure many others did, I scoffed. I actually made fun of the commercials. Diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, and a medication regimen, but reversed? No medication? Not possible! Then, I read a post in a forum, from a man who had actually tried this. This was a real person telling his experience. His wife put him on the eating plan. He lost weight and in less than two months had cut his diabetes medication in half. He had improved his diabetes immensely by following the techniques in the book. I bought the book, read it, and was amazed at the wealth of information.

Death to Diabetes is one of those books that can help you whether you have diabetes or not. It is filled with information about nutrition and how various foods, vitamins, and minerals affect the way that your body works. The meal plan is a good one. Basically, it is an anti-inflammatory eating plan. DeWayne McCulley has invested a lot of time into finding research and data to support the ideas that he puts forth in his book. Along the way, he lost 52 pounds, brought his A1c (a measure of long-term blood glucose) down to 4.5, and his average glucose to 92.5 without the use of medication. The way his body works now is a sharp contrast to the four insulin shots and other medications for diabetes that he had previously taken.

This is a long and involved book. It is real science, not the garbage science that is found in much of the mainstream media. If you just want the basics for the Death to Diabetes program, read these chapters:
Chapter 1-lays out an overview of the rationale for the program and why the program works (it tackles insulin resistance) over time.
Chapter 6-discusses nutrient factors and gives his definition of "live" and "dead" foods.
Chapter 7-talks about the composition of the meal plan for Death to Diabetes. It gives details and examples. Caloric planning is discussed, as is eating out.

I was intrigued by the book and Mr. Mc Culley's passion for his subject. When I was using the meal plan, my old joints didn't hurt as much. When I went to the doctor for my annual blood work, I had better results than I had in years! It was amazing! I bought this book in both paperback and KIndle formats. That is how much I like it. I highly recommend it to people with diabetes and folks who just want to help their body work better. It is a winner!

This book makes a good gift for anybody who needs an anti-inflammatory diet.

Death to Diabetes

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