Prevention - Paying It Forward

Prevention - Paying It Forward
In this day in which we live, it's not unusual for any of us to hear of someone new who has found out they are sick with a life threatening illness. And, although there are no guarantees, implementing strategies to ward off illness begins with just one step. With that said, I'm going to recap some important key points about maintaining good health. These are the things that are absolutes, they will not change. You can live with confidence, knowing you have the information necessary to build upon the foundation of optimal health, physically and mentally.

We have many skilled physicians here in America that are available and are here to help, in case you need one. And you do have the right to make informed decisions for yourself. So while you have your freedom, don’t be afraid to use it to have your say so, when it comes time to talk with a doctor! We all feel vulnerable when we don’t feel good. It is always wise to take someone with you when meeting with a physician, especially if there is a lot of emotion involved on your part. Your right to choose may well be the most important thing you possess, besides your very life. Lay all choices out on the table about surgery and treatment options before making a decision.

If you are a friend or family member of someone who has just heard devastating news, there is one thing you must know. More than likely, your loved one is not thinking properly, they are experiencing psychological trauma. So your job is to help them with memory function. Simple tasks may even be hard for them, but that is normal. Treat them like they are capable, but be watchful and know that quite possibly, they are not. Over time they should become more themselves, but keeping a journal during the experience is a great idea. It will give evidence of regression or improvements, so you can act accordingly to help them. Trust me, this is preventive maintenance. So many patients end up years down the road traumatized from decisions they regret making in regard to their healthcare. If they had known they had another choice, it would have changed their future outcome. It just makes sense to prevent that early, so that the issues at hand are dealt with, and put behind them to pave the way for a bright and sure future.

A good mental health counselor is invaluable, and getting hooked up to one the sooner, the better. More than likely you will have to do that yourself. The reason I say that is because a person needs to be matched up with counselors that they will blend well with. Even in the professional world there are personality conflicts. This is not a time for a weak person to be shut in with a very assertive type. Going from counselor to counselor is exhausting, and although you move forward some, it normally does more harm than good. Ask around, and especially check within your local hospitals. A social worker within one might be just the person who can guide you onward.

Ok, now that we have the mind taken care of, let’s focus on the emotions. Yes, they are different! Write down all your weaknesses and make sure you are bold and write down all of your strengths. Address what is causing emotional overload and subdue it, because your emotions are tied directly to your immune system and negative ones will drain your body of the necessary nutrients it needs to fight illness.

The winter months are a good time to beef yourself up with vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Cancer begins when the cells, your body's building blocks, are attacked by free radicals. Free radicals steal healthy parts of good cells to balance themselves. Then, the healthy cells have to steal from other cells to stay balanced, and the cycle just keeps going. To keep the cells healthy and whole, keep stress down as much as is within your power, and eat balanced, nutritious meals. Eating fresh veggies and fruits are essential in taking down free radicals. Both groups contain powerful, life-protecting substances. Here a just a few:

Lycopenes - (i.e.tomatoes) Protects healthy cells from being attacked by free radicals.
Catechins - (i.e. green tea) Phytochemical compound that diminshes plaque build-up in the arteries.
Resveratol - (i.e. blueberries, skin of red grapes) anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory.
Anticyanins - The compound which makes blueberries blue, is known to prevent E. Coli.
Soy isoflavones (i.e. soy beans) These are known to cut off the blood supply to a tumor.

Just think what a lifestyle of fresh food could do for you! Also, drink plenty of water and get enough fresh air.

I still believe in the Food Pyramid. It was used for years as a nutrition guide and taught in schools as a Health subject. You need so many portions a day of meat, starches (rice, potatoes, bread), vegetables and fruit. You don't have to eat three meals a day. Just make sure you have a variety at the same time. They synergize inside your body, and work better together, than alone. Search it online, or ask someone over forty about the Food Pyramid!

Remember colors: Red – tomato, red pepper, beets; Orange – carrots, sweet potato, and cantaloupe. Green – avocado, broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, green onion, spinach, dark leafy greens. An added benefit to this, is that fresh produce is inexpensive to purchase, but is so rich in nutrients, and each one is specifically designed to strengthen our cellular structure. (Editor's note: Just make sure to avoid foods that you know you can't handle.)

Onion cleanses the blood, and garlic lowers blood pressure. Baked they turn sweet!
Use sea salt (with iodide), your thyroid needs the iodine.

Exercise about three times a week doing something that you enjoy, and that is within the limits of what you can do. Every person is different with regard to when, and how much, exercise can be done.

Lastly, think of someone else who is worse off than you are. You may be having health problems, but live in a very nice home. Someone else may have their health, but may have lost their home. I’ve found it helps keep my perspective on life balanced.

In this extreme generation in which we live, balance is something that must be sought out. It’s a choice, and being able to choose is a good thing.

Making healthy choices is paying it forward!

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