7 Questions for Choosing an RV Rental

7 Questions for Choosing an RV Rental
I have just completed another RV rental trip. This trip was one of the best vacations I have taken in a while. You can enjoy the same vacation if you can answer 7 easy questions. These questions can help you decide if you want to rent an RV and get out of town to have a really good time.

  1. Can you drive an RV? If you can drive a van like a Dodge Grand Caravan or Ford Windstar, you can drive an RV. Yes it is a little bigger - O.K. a lot bigger, but I have seen lots of people behind the wheel of some pretty big rigs and they all say the same thing. Once you know where the wheels are, the rest is easy. It is like driving a van; just bigger. A lot of RV rental places will take you for a short spin around the block so you can get your RV driving legs while having a pro nearby to assist you.

  2. Can you afford an RV trip? The answer is probably yes! The big advantage of an RV is the ability to cook meals at the same place where you sleep and shower. You also get to go to several places but only have to unpack once. Families like RVs because the kids can have a snack or something to drink without stopping and going to a fast food place. You would be amazed at how much healthier you and your family can eat if you have good food at your fingertips. Bathroom stops along the way are also a thing of the past.

  3. What kind of RV? You should know a little about RVs to get you started so you know what you want. The RV units go by different classes of coaches. Class A is the largest. Class B is the smallest and a Class C is in the middle. Like just about everything else, the bigger the rig, the more it will cost to rent.

  4. How much sleeping room do you need? Class A RVs vary in size but generally start at about 30 feet long and sleep five comfortably.

    Class B is a van that has been modified for camping; maybe you have seen a VW camper bus. Most Class Bs would fit in your garage. They are really made for two people comfortably, but I have heard of some that will sleep four - two adults and two children.

    Class C is a combo pickup truck / camper. Most start at 24 to 26 feet long and go to 32 feet. Think of a two door pickup truck cab from the part where the bed starts up to the hood. Now add a camper to the back end. Most will sleep six - two above the driver / passenger seats on an upper deck, two on the convertible couch, and two in the bedroom suite. Some Class C rigs will allow the dinette to be made into a double bed for two more sleepers. But it is a tight sleep on this dinette arrangement for two people and it really sleeps one and allow for a good night's sleep. Some of the newer Class Cs have eliminated the bed for two above the driver / passenger seats on an upper deck and have put in an entertainment center in this place.

  5. Can you do some RV homework on the web? When I called different places about rentals, I decided which place I would rent from and found out the brand name of the rigs they had available. I decided that my first rig was going to be Coachmen Freelander 3150. I went to the Coachmen RV web site and started poking around. I got a list of specifications about the Freelander and it helped me a lot to plan the trip in advance.

  6. Can you talk to others who have rented RVs? The best place to find out information about RV-ing is to ask people who have rented rigs from the place where you are renting. These are people who have rented a rig, taken them on the road and can tell you pros and cons about the experience they had. If you had talked to me after our first RV trip, the tale would be a lot different that the last time I rented, so take what you get and match it with how many trips the customer has taken to get an idea of how experienced the people were.

  7. Can you post a question on a forum? I would take a minute and check out the forum at Bella Online at RV Forum . Ask away and check back frequently to read the replies. I think you will be surprised at what you can learn.

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    Until next time, let me know what is on your mind, and how you are doing, O.K.?

    You can send me your questions or comments on my bio page. My next article will be out shortly.

    Jim Fortune - the Bella Online Budget Travel Guy

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