Caution, Beware! Your House Guest is a Thief

Caution, Beware! Your House Guest is a Thief
You were introduced to this so called "friend" when you were a teen, young, vulnerable and looking to belong. You hung around with him because it was the "cool" thing to do. Your friends hung out with him also. "What was so wrong with that?" you said to yourself. Your friend was POT. He seemed harmless; after all he helped you get through some tough times. When Pot was around he made you forget that you were lonely. He made you forget your parents were not cool. He eased your growing pains. Your friend did not like school, so slowly he talked you into dropping out of the school scene so you could spend more time with him. This was the first time he stole from you. He stole your education.

As the years went by, he got you into more trouble. The fights with your parents increased, and trouble with the Law began. You see, your friend wants to be visible. He enjoys the lime light. He was often seen in your blood shot eyes and enlarged pupils, your sluggish moves, and your low energy. Pot wants everyone to know he is around, that's why he smells so badly. For a teen, having a friend like Pot can be costly. He made you steal so you would keep him around. He made you secretive. He made you withdraw from family and fun activities. Growing up with Pot became time consuming. This is the second thing he stole from you. He stole your precious youthful time in life.

Besides not liking school, or your family, Pot hates to work. He likes to stay out late partying and sleep the next day away. Holding down a job with Pot is very difficult. You go from job to job trying hard to make ends meet. After all, you want what every young man wants, a nice car, stereo system, a nice place to live and wholesome relationships.You want to make a success of yourself, but not Pot, he just wants you. He does not care what it will cost you. He plays, you pay. He has stolen your plans and ambitions in life.

Pot likes to take unhealthy and unsafe risks. He places you in unsafe driving situations, and unhealthy sexual experiences. He has his kicks while you take the licks. He has stolen safety and health from you.

As you struggle to get rid of Pot, because by now you know he is definitely not a friend but a royal pain in the ass, he struggles harder to keep you. He now brings his army of friends to help him. He brings other people into your life that think he is cool and they introduce to you to even stronger and unhealthy substances; like crack, cocaine etc., this will surely secure his future with you. He knows his army of friends will work even harder to continue to steal your thoughts, your health, and your dignity. This is the beginning to a living hell.

You are now in for the fight of your life. You are addicted. Pot is happy, you are miserable. All you can think about is getting high, while trying to appear normal. You hide the smell Pot leaves on your person, in your house and car. You withdraw from your family and family gatherings. You become secretive because you don?t want the truth to be known. You feel shame and guilt. You know what you are doing is wrong and it makes you sick. But you can't seem to stop, no matter how hard you try. The thief and his friends are stealing your self respect, love, joy, peace, trust and truth. They are now stealing your young adulthood. Your needs in life have changed. Nothing is the same. You make promises to end this abuse but, you can't seem to keep them. Their grip is strong. You have been taken by your friend. He has successfully stolen your decision making, your clear mind, and healthy body. More and more of you is disappearing into a fog. You have no real friends you can trust. Your family has been through so much trying to save you that we feel totally exhausted. We feel fearful, angry, and helpless. Your family, the ones that love you the most and hang in there the longest will be the next thing these "friends" will steal from you. How much more can we take? More importantly, how much more can you take? It only gets worse when Pot and his friends are around. It never gets better. Please don't let this happen to you. Nothing in life is more important than the love for yourself and your family. No matter what problems you have getting along with your family it can be worked out. Don't let substance abuse steal you from yourself and your family any longer.

GET HELP NOW, to rid yourself of these suckers that are literally stealing your life from you. Don't let them continue to steal your money, your health, your future. Don't be deceived any longer. You are young, and capable of recovering from this death trap. You can get out of the fog. You can find your true self again and develop into the man/woman you want to be. These suckers are tough, but with help you can get tougher. Don't delay, don't put it off, and don't make any more excuses. Don't think for one minute you can do this alone. You need help. Get Help today.

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