Banishing Spells Grouped by Situation

Banishing Spells Grouped by Situation
A banishing spell removes something from your life. There are many different situations that call for a banishing spell and many specific ways to do it. It all depends upon the nuances of your problem, how you see things, and your own unique way of practicing witchcraft. First you want to clarify your situation and desired outcome as shown in this article. Second, you must choose the type of banishing spell that best fits your needs. Third, you gather your correspondences.

Consider your situation. As with all types of witchcraft, the easiest spells are the ones that work change only upon yourself such as when you want to banish a bad habit. If you attempt to widen your sphere of influence to influence abstract energies (say, warding off this year’s flu) and onward to attempting to manipulate another person, then the banishing spell grows increasingly difficult and less likely to succeed due to all of the variables involved. See my article Why Do Spells Fail to Work?.

Level 1 Banishing Spells – Changing yourself:
Since you are already motivated to change your own thoughts and behavior, this is the easiest type of banishing spell and the type most likely to succeed. Examples include
  • Quashing your own bad habits:

  • Severing the emotional connection between you and a non-receptive person. For example, you want to quit crushing on that hottie who doesn’t know you exist. You want to stop feeling resentful toward your dead parents.

  • Eliminating the niche in your life that was once formed and occupied by someone or something who has moved on

  • Breaking a small run of bad luck that has been bothering you

  • Clearing up various health concerns.

Level 2 Banishing Spells – Redirecting abstract, impersonal energy:
Here you ward off any impersonal harm that is drifting around, intersecting people’s lives at random. It is never easy to use witchcraft to influence something external to you. But at least this type of thing has no focused intent to target you specifically. Instead, it might attach itself to anyone or no one. This makes it a passive raincloud that is fairly easy to redirect away from you. Examples include
  • Avoiding this year’s flu virus

  • Shooing off the raccoons who show up on the back porch each night to gobble your dog’s food

  • Keeping your house safely beneath the notice of those responsible for the rash of burglaries plaguing your neighborhood.

Level 3 Banishing Spells – Manipulating someone on the energetic plane:
Because of the Wiccan Rede ("harm none"), most Wiccans will not take a banishing spell to this level because it involves attempting to control someone. Manipulation is manipulation, even though you are only deflecting or even gently eroding someone's connection to you on the energetic plane of thoughts and emotions before such things manifest as physical action. Essentially you are continuing to co-exist with someone while subtly influencing him to leave you alone. Your banishing spell makes this person unconsciously decide to withdraw from you in his thoughts and actions. He stops thinking about you and steers clear of you if at all possible. This is not as drastic as a binding spell that would immobilize his power (again, something a Wiccan probably wouldn’t do). Instead, you are concealing yourself and redirecting his urge to connect. You want this person to forget about you so that whatever undesired energetic connection has partially formed between you will now wither and die.

Level 4 Banishing Spells – Manipulating someone on the physical plane:
No Wiccan will do this because it holds great potential to conflict with the Wiccan Rede (“harm none”). Here, your banishing spell forces someone to leave your physical vicinity for some reason. Those who cast such a spell should take great care to research their enemies’ circumstances so as to tailor the spell specifically to the most likely set of variables to fall into place. Examples include a job termination, promotion, or relocation; an opportunity for his spouse, which causes him and his family to move away; or an investigation or scandal that causes him to drop out of your group or social circle. As you can imagine, all this carries a large risk of impacting the lives of innocent bystanders tangentially connected to your target, such as his kids.

At its most extreme, a Level 4 type of banishing spell removes someone from the physical plane – that is, destroys them. This is considered black magic of the most retributive kind. No one should undertake this path unless he or she has no other recourse. If that is the case, it should be done under the protection of one of the gods or goddesses who are willing to serve as guides on this darkest path. They include Anubis (Egyptian), Hades (Greek), Hecate (Greek), Kali (Indian), the Morrigan (Irish), Odin (Norse), and Santa Muerte (Mexican).

The higher the level, the more difficult the spell, the more correspondences needed, the bigger the drain on your strength, and the higher the risk. These are considerations to help you choose specific banishing spells as you consult the SPELLS AND WITCHCRAFT section of this site. See also Correspondences for Banishing Spells.

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