Is Hair Removal Cream Your Best Option?

Is Hair Removal Cream Your Best Option?
Hair removal creams have been on the market for years. They work by dissolving the keratin in the hair fiber, which allows you to wipe the hair away from just under the skin surface after a waiting period of just a few minutes.

Depilatory cream results last slightly longer than shaving, but not nearly as long as waxing. Since many women can’t stand the pain of waxing, hair removal cream could be a good option for longer lasting smooth hair-free skin on the face or body. Many women choose to use hair removal creams before a vacation or event.

Deciding to use Hair Removal Creams - The main motivation for hair removal creams is usually that the pain of waxing is just too much, or you dislike shaving. Because hair removal creams dissolve hair, rather than cutting it, you get the benefit of smoother hair growing back, since the hair regrowth is rounded instead of blunt.

The main drawback of chemical hair removal used to be the smell - some depilatory chemicals smell awful, no matter how scented the product. A few brands have managed to tame the chemical downside. Veet's new In-shower cream has a mild smell which you barely notice, so the smell argument against chemical hair removal has mostly ended.

Hair Removal Products for Legs - Most products for legs come in a cream form, though a few newer products can be sprayed as well. You simply slather the cream on your lower or entire leg, being careful to cover all the hair at the roots. (You don’t need to cover the tips of the hairs, as long as the roots are in contact with the product.)

Wait the allotted time and massage the hair away with a washcloth, or with a scraper and it should wipe away easily. Test a small area to see if hair is ready to wipe – if not, recover that area and wait another moment or two. Many depilatory kits come with little plastic scrapers for just this purpose.

Hair Removal Products for Face - Facial hair and skin is much more delicate than leg or arm hair. Never use a product on your face unless it is specifically formulated for that area. People have been known to damage their skin badly by using body strength depilatories on their upper lips or chins.

Facial hair removal creams will give you results that last about a week, sometimes longer if the hair is very fine and light. Read all instructions carefully!

Hair Removal Products for Bikini Area - Similar to facial hair removal, bikini area tidying should be done with products specifically formulated for that area of your body. The bikini area is easily irritated, so apply your hair removal products exactly as instructed, and take your time. The last thing you want is to have to treat an area twice.

Bikini area hair removers often come in Regular and Sensitive skin formulas (always buy the mildest version possible) and if you find you require a stronger product, you can work your way up. Learning you are sensitive to hair removal creams isn't something you want to do with an extra strength product.

General Tips for Using Hair Removal Creams - Always test on a small area of skin. Exfoliate first and take a good shower afterward to remove any residue and hair and never use a product for a longer amount of time than is indicated on the package.

With all of the warnings, hair removal cream may be the best option for you if you enjoy a smooth, hair-free body without shaving, and without the pain of waxing your delicate skin. Give it a try, it could be the perfect solution.

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