Celebrating the Holidays With Your Multiples!

Celebrating the Holidays With Your Multiples!
As the holidays and the New Year approach, there is much preparation to be done in households around the world. As we are always focused on families with multiples, we thought it would be nice to speak up for the twins, triplets and quads (and so on), and discuss a few tidbits that might help make their holidays even more special.

First, consider (when age appropriate) having your multiples give gifts to one another. It will be sure to boost their individuality, create a few more moments to bond over, and of course, they should be the best ones to choose a gift for someone so alike in many ways. For the parents, well, can you think of a more suitable Kodak/video moment for the ages?

When giving gifts to the multiples, it is also wise to give individual gifts as well as shared ones. It does make sense to give an expensive or large gift to both, considering the cost as well as the fact that it is simply age appropriate for both (or all) of the children. However, when possible, as with them giving each other gifts, it is simply a great idea to recognize their individuality more and more as they get older. Besides, as they age, their different experiences will surely lead them to distinct personalities, which in turn will lead to them having different hobbies, expressions, and different ideas of a nice gift.

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with everyone how I feel about being part of the multiples club. True, they can overwhelm a parent in so many ways, but the joy of watching two or more grow simultaneously is simply something to appreciate beyond comprehension for those who don’t get to be in that club. Mine are a few months from three years old; however they have changed my life forever in a way that makes me want to shout “twin mom here!” from the rooftops. Please kick back after a busy shopping spree around town and appreciate being a member of the club as I do. I want to wish all our readers a joyous holiday and a fabulous New Year; and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of our Bella family!

I leave you this week with a quote that sums up all I want to say:

Two faces to wash, and four dirty hands
Two insistent voices, making demands
Twice as much crying, when things go wrong
The four eyes closing, with slumber song
Twice as many garments, blowing on the line
Two cherubs in the wagon, soaking up sunshine
Work I do for twins, naturally comes double
But four arms to hug me, repay all my trouble.
~Author Unknown

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