Your Home as a Sacred Place

Your Home as a Sacred Place
One should consider making their entire home a sacred place because you should feel happy, comfortable and serene in your whole home. So, what can you do to make your sacred place?

Start with your entrances. Are they pleasant to look at, clutter free, and well maintained? Doors, door windows and doorknobs should be clean and in good repair. If you have curtains or blinds at your door windows, these should be clean, dust free and in good repair. Do you have trash, dead plants or leaves around your entrance ways? If so, clean this away so positive energy can flow towards your home. Most homes have at least two entrance ways and all should be inviting to not only guests but to you and family members as well.

Once you walk into your home, what do you see? Do you see clutter, furnishings in disrepair, more stuff than is necessary, or do you see rooms that tend to hug you and make you feel glad to be home. If the rooms you see first when you walk into your home don’t make you feel happy, comfortable and serene, take some time to create positive energy patterns by cleaning, repairing and removing clutter from those areas.

Take a Feng Shui inventory of each room to see if you feel serene or agitated. If you feel agitated, the room needs some changes to create a positive energy flow so that you feel happy, comfortable and serene in that room. Usually it only takes a bit of picking up or cleaning to make a room have good Feng Shui but sometimes it takes a bit more work. If it’s going to require a deep cleaning, rearranging furniture, painting or cures, you might want to enlist the help of the entire family and make it a weekend project.

A couple of areas that are neglected when trying to create good Feng Shui are the attic and basement. If these areas are cluttered, dusty or full of unwanted junk, you can feel troubled or agitated even though your living areas have positive energy flow. Here again, if your basement or attic needs a thorough cleaning to create good Feng Shui, enlist the help of the entire family and make it a weekend project.

When making your home a sacred place,, don’t forget your windows. It’s said that your home’s windows are its eyes to the world so you want your windows and window treatments to be sparkling clean and in excellent repair.

Take a good look at your yard. Does the grass need cut or weeds need pulled? Do you have dead plants or overgrown shrubs? Are there dead leaves strewn around? All these things can create negative energy which will cause you to feel disturbed while in your yard and will send this negative energy into your home when you open the doors. Clean up the yard and surrounding areas and then celebrate with a picnic in your beautiful yard.

Your home can be a sacred place if you take some time to create good Feng Shui throughout. We all want look forward to coming home after a hard day’s work or a long trip. To be sure you look forward to coming home; your home should be your sacred place.

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