Curly Hair Styles for Women

Curly Hair Styles for Women
If you’re looking for the best curly hair styles, look no further than the red carpet. Hollywood is still leading the trend with luscious waves, playful bobs and curls that take you from the beach to the bar. Easygoing, romantic and sexy - curly hair is not going out of style any time soon.

Curly Hair Styles with Bangs - This trend mixes the best of both worlds, angular bangs with long curly layers. Bangs can be swept to the side or flat ironed to frame the face while longer, curly or wavy locks take the harshness away from the style.

To pull this style off you'll need a great haircut. Don't try this at home the first time, especially if your fringe tends to fly off in all directions.

Curly Hair Styles for Homecoming - We’ve all seen the shiny, tight curled updo of the past. The lacquered hair look is out, way out. Think instead of 19th century romance, of a well placed wave or curl.

Check out some of the red carpet looks from Salma Hayak, Kate Hudson and Keira Knightly. Jessica Alba and Charlise Theron have some great tousled curl looks as well. When you see a red carpet look, there is not a plastic curl in site.

Skip the gels, the mousses and the oversprayed hair - go for a tousled bun, a retro pony or pincurls with just a little hairspray to keep them in place. Take pictures in to your hairdresser and make sure the crunchy products stay off of your head for homecoming.

Crimping is back! - Remember when you were a kid, and you’d make tiny braids on your head before going to sleep to wake up with a few kinks? Well, let the 80’s return.

Feel free to add a few loose or tight braids near the front on your face after a shower. You can pin them aside during the day and let the curls fly at night, or sleep on them, and rock this fearless wave at school or work.

To Perm or not to Perm - That is indeed the question. The answer to the question, don't. Perming is damaging, outdated and difficult to do without producing an overdone suburban look from 1989.

If you want curls, daily or for a special event, do what your grandmother did: use rollers. Curl hair away from your face, towards the back of your head in small sections, and curl the sides and back of your hair under with smaller rollers.

Big coke can sized rollers can be used for volume, or smaller ones for playful ringlets. Don’t be afraid to experiment! A curling iron can be used in the morning to perk up the sides and bottom of your do. Use a good hold hairspray and try to stay out of the wind and rain - simple curls tend to fall when overstimulated by the elements.

Curly hair is feminine, romantic and fun, so try out a few hair styles for women and see if you can put the flat iron aside for a week, a month, maybe forever.

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