The Walking Dead - Season Three

The Walking Dead - Season Three
Season 3 of The Walking Dead was filled with many ups and downs. This season we were introduced to the Governor (played by David Morrissey).

The season opens with the group finding the abandoned prison. They quickly clear the building of walkers and move in. While clearing out the building Hershel gets bitten and Rick makes the quick decision to amputate Hershel's leg below the knee to prevent the virus from spreading. Inside the prison Rick and company find a group of prisoners that have been locked up and are unaware of the zombie apocalypse going on outside.

We find out that Andrea has met Michonne and they have been living on the road. Merle (Darryl's brother from season 1) and a group of people find Andrea and Michonne and take them back to a group of survivors living in a town named Woodbury lead by The Governor. Andrea immediately falls for The Governor but Michonne remains skeptical. Michonne decides to leave Woodbury but Andrea wants to stay. Michonne finds the prison and she joins Rick and the group.

T-Dog is bitten and eventually he sacrifices himself so that Carol can escape. Lori goes into labor and Maggie is forced to deliver the baby by cesarean section which kills Lori. Carl shoots him mom to ensure she doesn't come back as a walker.

Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle and taken back to Woodbury. Michonne tells Rick and the group and they go to Woodbury to rescue them. While at Woodbury Darryl learns that Merle is alive. The Governor turns on Merle and sets walkers loose on him and his brother. They manage to escape into the woods.

Andrea leaves Woodbury to go and warn the group at the prison. She decides to go back to Woodbury and to see if she can diffuse the brewing situation. Rick goes into town looking for weapons and finds Morgan (the man who saved Rick in from season 1). Rick tries to get Morgan to come back to the prison with him but Morgan has went insane.

Rick and The Governor meet to discuss a cease fire and The Governor says that if Rick gives up Michonne he will leave Rick and the group alone. The Governor then tells Milton that he plans on killing them all after Michonne is given up. Merle captures Michonne with plans to turn her into The Governor however he lets her go and decides to take on The Governor on his own. The Governor kills Merle and he turns into a walker.

The Governor kills Milton and Milton turns into a walker and bites Andrea. The Governor and his group attack the prison but they retreat when they come under fire. Andrea shoots herself so she didn't turn into a walker. The Governor shoots all but 2 of his people and then flees. The rest of Woodbury travels back to the prison and joins Rick and the group.

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