Choosing Good Crutch Tips

Choosing Good Crutch Tips
If you actively walk on crutches, crutch tips are something you go through a lot of. Finding quality crutch tips are, therefore, an important investment to keep you moving about town. Shopping for the kind that’s right for you can be a game of trial and error, though, so be patient and start your search for another pair of crutch tips well before you need a new pair.

When shopping for crutch tips go to a drugstore or medical supply store. A quality crutch tip should last at least a month, if not three to four months. That really depends on your activity level. An excellent pair of crutch tips can be found for around four of five dollars and should last, at minimum, four weeks. Here's how.

Look for a large thick rubber crutch tip with a large base and a metal plate in the bottom on the inside of the crutch tip. The large base provides the best traction, maneuverability and stability for you to walk on. This metal plate helps keep the cylinder at the base of the crutch from wearing thin or completely through the crutch tip.

If you don’t want to go out and about too much and wear out your crutch tips looking for new ones, grab a phone book or get on the internet and search medical supplies or drug stores. Most basic medical supplies, such as crutch tips can be ordered online and local stores are open during the week, but not the weekend, for you to stop by and look at their selection.

Once you have located a few brands, pick one or two and try them out. Keep the boxes. Don’t toss out the box until you have discovered which pair is the most durable, last the longest, and provides the most comfort for you walking around. You want your walk around the room or up and down the block to be as comfortable as anyone who is trying on shoes and walking around in them.

Large crutch tips, depending on your crutches, are great for the highest level of stability and traction to keep you standing up more safely while walking. Shopping in person, while not as convenient as shopping online, is preferred because you are saving shipping and you can see and touch the crutch tips before you buy. Some smaller stores may even allow you to try the crutch tips for a day or two before returning them, but that depends on the seller.

Take notice as you walk on your crutch tips. If it feels like you are walking on a metal peg and you hear a thumping or clicking sound when your crutch tip hits ground, check the bottom. The crutch is probably cutting through your crutch tip and it’s time replace the crutch tip. If this happens after only two or three weeks of using the crutch tips, change brands and tips soon because you probably have a bad set.

Many stores can advise you how long a set will last based on how much you walk. Ask them their return policy if you purchase a defective set of crutch tips. Most crutch tip vendors are more than happy to help you get back on the smooth road to walking around safely and smoothly.

Something else to be mindful of when buying crutch tips is the tread. Are you on uneven, wet or slick surfaces a lot? What about ice or snow? Pavement or gravel? There are crutch tips on the market that have specialized tread to minimize slipping on wet surfaces and also covers that can go over the basic crutch tips when you walk on ice or snow or rough terrain outdoors. Greater traction and nonslip design is the key with these. Ask your drug store or medical supply store about what you’re looking for. Also, ask any friends or loved ones who may also use crutches and canes. The best critical eye is another crutch tip consumer, so ask others who use what you use and compare your needs.

Crutch tips not only come in rubber, but hard plastic and latex among other materials. Some bend well for increased surface contact and have cushion material to help with shock absorption, soothing your arms and shoulders as you walk.

Do your homework. Shop around and ask your friends. Don’t wait until you have to have a pair before looking for crutch tips and be willing to try a couple of pairs before you settle on a particular model or brand. You deserve a quality stride while you’re out and about.

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