Ulcers and Ozone Therapy

Ulcers and Ozone Therapy
Ulcers, wherever they may be located in the body, are caused by pathogens because the terrain of the body has been damaged in some way. When the terrain is damaged pathogens move in or pathogens that normally reside there take over and create an ulcer. The most common ulcers are duodenal and gastric.

Such ulcers, we now know, are caused by the bacterium H-pylori. This was discovered in 1982 by Robert Warren and Barry Marshall for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Previous to this doctors assumed that ulcers were caused by stress and inappropriate lifestyle. In fact they insisted it was caused by stress and many people were lead to think that their psychological condition brought on their stomach pain. It was an unfortunate time for these people.

Yes, stress does precede ulcers but it is not psychological stress. Stomach ulcers are caused by stress induced from to low of a stomach acid secretion. When acid secretion is low pathogens in the stomach multiply out of control and invade the lining of the stomach. As they invade the actual acid that is present starts to burn the invasion site even further, opening the wound and the pathogens multiply and feed in this wound. Mouth ulcers are often caused for those receiving chemo therapy by actual damage to the membranes of the mouth by the toxins found in chemo. When the tissues are damaged the pathogens move in feeding on dead tissues. Ulcers result. Even just a PH change in the mouth can cause tissue damage and the resultant invasion of pathogens… hence people sometimes get oral ulcers from eating acidic foods.

Ozone therapy can cure these ulcers by its innate ability to kill pathogens without damaging the body otherwise, taken orally in water. It's as simple as drinking 8 glasses of ozonated water a day.

Ozone therapy is widely accepted in European countries, especially Germany, where it has been practiced for many years. You can find ozone therapists and doctors who practice ozone therapy in the US but you will have to look diligently. They are out there and most major cities now have them. Mostly you will find it in the offices of Naturopaths or alternative thinking medical doctors.

For oral ulcers you don’t need much assistance from a doctor. You do need a good diagnosis in the case of stomach ulcers though. You'll need to make sure that you don't have stomach cancer. A Blood test will reveal if you have a stomach ulcer and even if the test comes back negative, it still may be an ulcer as other microbes can cause ulcers than H-pylori. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and prevacid. If it is determined that you do have a stomach ulcer you may choose to avoid the toxic antibiotics, go ahead and use the prevacid and initiate Ozone therapy on your own.

If one were to do complex ozone therapy you need a medical grade ozonator but for making ozonated water to take orally an Enaly ozonator will do the trick. They cost about $50…. Probably less than the antibiotics would cost and of course you can reuse your ozonator time and again for purifying the air in rooms, eliminating mold and mildew, washing your veggies to purify them of pesticides and herbicides.

When using an Enlay ozonator,OZX300-AT model, start with a quart glass bottle of ice-cold water with a lid. Place the bubbler in the water and ozonate it for 30 minutes. Keep this stored in the refrigerator as cold water will hold the ozone gas for a longer period of time. Drink 8 ounces on an empty stomach. If you are treating oral ulcers swish in your mouth for a time before swallowing.

Treat a stomach ulcer for the same length of time that you would use the antibiotic, about 21 days. I strongly recommend that you use the prevacid for as long as you have stomach pain plus 3 days. Prevacid is used to reduce stomach acid. If you have an ulcer the acid will burn the open area in the lining of the stomach and make it worse. If the acid is not reduced the ulcer gets bigger as the hole grows and the bacteria invade further. If the pain goes away then you know that the ulcer is healing. Give prevacid 3 extra days after being pain free to be sure the healing is sufficient. Your ulcer will heal much faster with ozone therapy than with antibiotics.

Since you will be drinking 8, 8 ounce glasses of ozonated water a day you will have to make it twice. The fresher the ozonated water the more powerful. To transport it put it in a glass jar with ice. Don't use metal or plastic containers with ozonated water. I've seen people cure their stomach ulcers with only four glasses a day but the protocol has always called for eight glasses. Verify your cure of H-pylori with a blood test.

During and after treatment take of probiotic microbes. Taking ozone water will cure your ulcers and also provide and abundance of healing oxygen and ozone to your complete digestive tract.

To learn more search Dr. Rowen and Ozone therapy on youtube.

* Please note that I am not a physician. You are responsible for your own healthcare. Seek professional help if you do not feel confident in treating yourself.

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