Pets in Feng Shui

Pets in Feng Shui
Pets are considered positive, yang energy in Feng Shui because they add activity to our homes, even when we are not there. For example, fish represent abundance, dogs bring active chi, turtles symbolize longevity, cats are seen as financial success. The love we put into caring for our pets also represents positive energy. But when pets dominate your life, the result can be an upset in the natural balance that is critical to good Feng Shui.

Pets become negative energy when they are neglected or when you make choices that revolve around the needs of your pets at the expense of the needs of you and your family. For example, you would be amazed at the number of clients I see who are educated, intelligent people but let their dogs run free outside of the house and never clean up after them. I explain to them that if you live in a house surrounded by poop, then poop is what you attract into your life. And that is the polite way to phrase it.

One of my clients was struggling to find a new relationship. She had pictures of her dogs all over her house and above her bed. The message was obvious -- the alpha dog was already in her room keeping her from attracting a lover.

Another client who was facing a difficult time with her health and her love life kept her cat’s litter box in the bedroom, which was not only unhealthy, but certainly unromantic.

Are you attracting what you want into your life? If not, take a good look at how you have arranged your household around your pets.

• Clean up pet waste in your yard. No exceptions here.

• Keep the fish tank clean since a dirty tank represents a cloudy financial future. The best Feng Shui combination to bring wealth into your home is nine fish -- eight gold and one black.

• Your furniture is for people, so train your pets to stay off your chairs and tables or they will dominate your household. Add pieces like climbing towers or dog beds that are specifically designed for pets. Sometimes, a strip of clear packing tape applied to the bottom edge of an upholstered chair or sofa will help to deter a cat from scratching. It also helps to decorate with fabrics that are washable or easy to keep clean. Keep toxic cleaning products and plants away from where pets can ingest them. Washable bedding for pets is important, especially when it’s located in a place in the home where your pet feels safe and secure. Flooring surfaces that are durable and easy to keep clean are helpful, especially if you can use natural products.

• And speaking of beds, keep your pet out of yours. When a pet sleeps between a couple it represents splitting the relationship and deterring romance. If you must have your pets in the bedroom, give them their own beds on the floor.

• The ideal place for a litter box is in the garage, basement, or bathroom; avoid keeping a litter box in the kitchen or in the bedroom because of the obvious health implications.

• Ask a good friend to give you an honest opinion of whether your home smells from pet odors, then take care of any problem rooms.

• If your dog jumps on people, barks, and scares visitors when they first enter, it symbolizes struggling with relationships and scaring off love; keep the pet in another room when you have company.

• Avoid keeping pet cages near the cooking and eating spaces, especially the kitchen and dining room, since the pet waste symbolically contaminates your food supply.

• Remove the ashes from deceased pets from inside your home because they represent dead energy.

In Feng Shui, lively pets represent vibrant energy in your home. Just make sure your pets don’t overwhelm you or your house and they will help you balance your life.

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