Feng Shui Fable of the Red Geranium

Feng Shui Fable of the Red Geranium
Feng Shui is all about attracting abundance into your life, but clutter and disregard for your surroundings can be major obstacles blocking the easy flow of that abundance into your life. Clutter in Feng Shui is defined as anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, just tolerated, and hopelessly disorganized. It includes those items in your surroundings that have no real home of their own. Clutter creates stagnation and therefore diminishes the energy in your indoor spaces and in your mind. It encourages a sense of procrastination and a negative putting-off-for-tomorrow mentality rather than a positive doing-it-today abundance.

The role that clearing clutter and caring for your surroundings can play in Feng Shui is best illustrated by one of my favorite stories, the "Fable of the Magic Red Geranium." Here is the fable --

A woman living in a shabby, cluttered house was given an enchanted red geranium by a wise person who told her to take it home, where it would transform her life. She took the geranium home and set it on her wobbly kitchen table covered by a stained tablecloth. Immediately, she saw how the beautiful form and color of the geranium made the wobbly table seem in disrepair and the table linen look shabby. So, she fixed the table leg and washed the tablecloth. Then she noticed how her newly washed tablecloth made her floor seem dull, so she scrubbed it. This made her kitchen walls look drab, so she repainted the room in a fresh color and replaced missing cabinet knobs. Eventually her entire home was sparkling, and she had indeed transformed her life.

Is there a room in your home that would benefit from a symbolic red geranium clutter clearing? Clearing out a drawer, a closet, or the garage can be like bringing a red geranium into your home to raise your awareness of other areas that need to be cleared of clutter. And the more clutter you clear, the more new energy and positive possibilities will open up to transform both your environment and your life.

Things that are loved, used, and appreciated have strong, active energy around them. When you surround yourself with things you love, you add clarity and focus to your life. When you are surrounded by things that hold negative memories, things that are no longer useful, and things you do not love, your life can lack direction.

Choose one place to start clearing clutter, then step back and reap the reward of good things flowing into your life. And remember this additional advantage of getting rid of things that you don’t need or that are in poor condition -- the less you own, the less you have to clean.

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