Acupressure Self Help For Common Health Problems

Acupressure Self Help For Common Health Problems
Acupressure is a safe form of self-care, by means of finger pressure, massages and stroking rather than needles. Acupressure uses the same principle and meridian points as acupuncture and is the older of the two. The goal of acupressure is the same as acupuncture to stimulate what Chinese medical practitioners call chi-the body’s most basic healing energy.

Acupressure is a two-step process. Step one is finding the right pressure point. They are tiny-only about the size of a pinhead. If you can’t find the exact spot on your body at first, poke around a bit acupressure points are generally more tender than the surrounding area. Step two is massaging the point properly; use the tip of your index finger, your middle finger, or both side by side. In some spots, it may be easier to use your thumb. The points should be stimulated as deeply as can be manage-in a digging kind of massage. A few seconds of pressure, repeated several times, will often be enough. You should push until you feel some discomfort.

There are certain acupressure reactions that generally accompany proper stimulation. Within about 30 seconds of triggering an effective point, you should feel a sensation of clamminess, warmth, and/or a slight flush of perspiration forming across the brow or shoulders, along with a light-headed feeling. This type of reaction is a good indication that you have found the right point, and relief should be felt. If you don’t get prompt, satisfactory relief after triggering a point, it usually means one of several things:

1.You didn’t find the right point for your symptom. Try another point.

2.You didn’t find the point. Make sure you feel the twinge when you probe and press.

3.The point may not have been stimulated properly. Did you use the tip of your thumb or finger? Did you stimulate both sides of your body for enough time?

For optimum benefits, two acupressure points may be simultaneously stimulated at the same time, one with each hand, while the part of the body in between is stretched to effect maximum energy flow between the points. Or, one can duplicate the pressure one both sides of the body. Immediately after finding and massaging the point on one side, repeat the technique on the opposite side. In most cases the points only need to be triggered about 15 seconds apiece to get prompt relief.

Acupressure-for common health problems

For a sore back, press on the points on either side of the lower spine, just around the corner from the bottom rib. Press both sides simultaneously.

Give a lift to an aching back with a little pressure just beneath the tip of the tailbone.

A finger press right between the eyes can bring headache relief.

For menstrual pain, press two fingers widths below your belly button. Start therapy several days before your monthly and continue for several days after.

Press a point just above the breastbone for nagging hiccups.

To relieve leg cramps, apply strong pressure to the points behind the knee, in the center of the calf, and where the Achilles tendon joins the calf muscle.

To treat insomnia, press point below the little finger at the first crease of the wrist. Also for insomnia, press two points, right at the natural hairline on either side of the spine.

To quiet a cough, press the points just below the collarbone. The same pressure points are also helpful in easing an asthmatic cough.

For a sore throat, press the center of your forehead about midway between the eyebrows and the natural hairline. Also, massage the same point.

For temporary relief of toothache, press right above the corner of the jaw on the affected side.

For more athletic energy, press the nape of the neck, hard and quickly, just before the event.

For lower abdomen problems, such as bowel disorders or indigestion, run your thumb up the inner rear edge of the shinbone directly in line with your anklebone toward the knee. At about 3” up, you’ll feel the unmistakable tingling that announces the point.

To relieve neck tension, place your right hand with the palm facing the floor, then bend it back slightly so that a crease appears at your wrist. Remember where this crease is, and measure the width of two left thumbs (about two inches) back from the crease toward your elbow. Press very deeply with the middle finger in the small hollow between your two arm bones. Duplicate the process on your left forearm.

To relieve tension in the neck and shoulders, press about two inches down from your elbow toward your hand, on your upper top forearm. Probe deeply in the muscle until you feel a very tender spot. It will be quite tender with even moderate pressure.

To relieve a headache, place your right hand with the palm facing the floor. Squeeze your thumb tightly against your pointer finger so a fleshy mound pops up on the back of the right hand between them. Place the bent knuckle of the left index finger on top of the mound. Keeping the knuckle in place. Relax the right hand and press deeply in the area until you feel the tender point. The more it hurts, the better it is likely to be for your headache.

Acupressure can be a dieting tool, locate the cleft between the bottom of the nose and top of the upper lip. Pinch it when you’re hunger, and within moments your hunger will be gone.

Acupressure Self Help From Pervious Articles Part 2

This information is for informational purpose only and is not intended to replace the care or advice of a physician.

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