Get Rid of Pimples the Right Way

Get Rid of Pimples the Right Way
We have all needed to get rid of pimples fast on one occasion or another. Depending on the severity of your pimple and the time you have to deal with it, here are a few gentle, slam dunk approaches: the Hot/Cold method, drying and lancing.

Drying Pimples - Using creams, lotions, even toothpaste to dry the spot is a common tactic to get rid of pimples overnight. Cream, not gel based toothpaste will work reasonably well, but the best product we’ve found for overnight drying is ProActiv’s Refining Mask - this product packs a powerhouse of drying ingredients, though you can use it as a mask on occasion, having this in your drawer for overnight emergencies is a worthy investment. Other spot creams work, but the Refining Mask is truly amazing.

Hot/Cold Treatment for Pimples - There is no way to get rid of pimples instantly, but there are treatments that can help you control a breakout to the "coverable" stage in a few hours.

Alternate hot compresses (as hot as you can stand without hurting yourself) and icy cold compresses on your pimple every 5-10 minutes until you see the spot developing a whitehead, or begin to harden significantly.

The hot and cold will expand and contract your pimple, helping to draw out the fluids and squeeze the pimple to the surface. If you can see the head of the pimple, you can gently squeeze the sides pressing down into the skin surrounding with your fingertips - do not attempt to pop a pimple, instead, press flat downward on the surrounding tissue and try to ease the puss out.

If you cannot do this with gentle force, you can continue the hot cold treatment, or lance the pimple if a whitehead is visible.

Lancing a Pimple - Once you see a whitehead appear, you can pierce and drain the spot. Do this with a thin needle from the pharmacy, not a sewing needle or pin.

Hypodermic needles are available over the counter, and will not leave a permanent mark on your face. Sewing needles and pins are much larger than a proper medical needle, and the excess trauma to your face is not worth the risk.

Sterilize your pimple and hands with rubbing alcohol, take a sterile needle from the package, or re-sterilize a needle with alcohol. (Some women keep one or two for emergencies in their bathrooms –you can use one a few times before you need to replace it, just store it in the container, in a safe place.)

Insert the needle gently straight down, directly into the whitehead. Do not press to hard, or too deep – you should now be able to drain the puss from your pimple easily. Clean the spot again with rubbing alcohol and dot on an antibiotic cream to prevent infection. As soon as the cream has been absorbed, you should be able to cover the spot with a light concealer until it completely heals.

Hollywood Emergency Tip - If you need to go out immediately, or put on makeup, dab hemorrhoid cream on your spot to reduce the swelling – it works! Any brand will do. Keep a secret tube in your “skin emergency kit” and you’ll be glad you did.

Hemorrhoid cream also works to eliminate puffy circles under the eyes. A little bonus for the 30 seconds of discomfort you’ll have paying for this at the drug store. Don't let a little spot get you down - deal with it, cover it, and get out the door!

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