Marines, Iraq, Murder -- Media Bias!

Marines, Iraq, Murder -- Media Bias!
I want everyone reading this to remember one thing about the Media. They have been very bias and very negative about the war in Iraq and they have been taking that bias out on our troops in Iraq. The next person suspected of or charged with murder in Iraq COULD be your son or your daughter, and especially if they are a Marine.

The reports that were aired yesterday about Marines and the so-called murders in Iraq DID NOT give full disclosure of the situation. I would like to know who generated this report. I would almost bet it was started by a reporter who was out to get a story, regardless of the consequences for those involved. I would almost bet that the story is filled with information that is NOT ACCURATE and actually probably contains some lies.

The media has had it in for our troops in Iraq and they will continue that obsession until either the war is over or they get their fill of having our American fighting men and women charged with murder. I want everyone reading this to remember one thing about the incident(s) we heard on TV yesterday about Marines murdering Iraqi civilians. They may have been provoked or there may be a reason behind what happened. We have all heard that the Jihad and the Muslim radicals use women and children to do their dirty and nasty work. So WHAT IF someone in that group of innocent civilians did something or carried something which caused people to believe their lives might be in danger? Do you suppose, by some remote chance, that this is possible?

I do not trust the news media because they have been carrying out a vendetta to make our troops pay so they can get their stories. The media has been doing this and will continue to do this and will keep getting away with it until we, the American people, put a stop to it!

I am sick and tired of a bunch of whining, sniveling, snotty-nosed punk kids who call themselves reporters or media or something like that going around and picking on your sons and daughters. The media is going after these young men and women who are making great sacrifices and putting their lives on the line for all of us and freedom.

The Marine leadership in Washington should be taken out to that old woodshed behind the house--the one that used to be there--and given a good thrashing with whips bigger than what was used at one time. They do not stand up for their own, they throw these young men and women to the wolves, and they cringe behind their desks in Washington and watch TV commercials that tell us that young men and women should become one of the FEW, the PROUD, and a Marine!

I have no doubts that not only Marines, but also members of other branches may be serving time for MURDER, because they carried a weapon in Iraq and they fired to defend themselves. They came up against a Jihad, a terrorist, a Muslim woman, a Muslim child, who wanted to kill them, and may have carried a weapon or made a move to harm them, and they acted in self-defense.

I think ALL of you better remember what happened on a certain day to two towers we used to label as icons. I think ALL of you better remember pictures on TV of people jumping out of windows. I think ALL of you better remember that the media has never, for one minute, given our troops credit for the good they are doing, for the sacrifices they are making and for what they are doing to help preserve freedom and the dignity of a people.

I ask all Americans to write to your Congress men or women and Senators and DEMAND that legislation be introduced and passed that requires the media to be held responsible for the kind of yellow journalism and mass bias they are using to convict our troops of murder, whether they did it or not. It is not only disgusting, but SICK and I thank God I have no friends who is a reporter or that I had to share a foxhole with any of these misguided misfits who report the news.

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