Summer Reading Ideas for Kids Ages 6 to 6th Grade

Summer Reading Ideas for Kids Ages 6 to 6th Grade
Parents, here are ideas to promote reading and increase the time that your child reads in the summer. The article is written in kid-friendly language to share it with children. It is addressed to them.

*Work with your parents to make a reading goal for you and a way to track the steps to the goal. Decide on a reward for meeting your goal.
*Summer is a great time to get any young readers involved in your local library's activities. Commit to weekly library visits. Don't forget that the library staff is very knowledgeable about books. They can help you find just the right book!
*Join your local library's summer program for kids your age.
*Go to the library activities for your age group.
*Make a reading log, and applaud every book that you read. List them all on there. Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books.
*Choose six genres of books. Read books from each genre.
*Work with your family to set aside a daily family reading time to read together. Spend a minimum or 30 minutes reading together. Make it an electronics-free time. Each person can read their own book, or you can read a book together. After you are done reading, write a brief summary of what you read in a spiral notebook. It needs to be at least 5 sentences long. You can also illustrate it. Be sure to put a date, so that you can look back at your summer reading.
*Share what each family member is reading. Discuss what was read in family reading time and any other books that you are reading.
*Develop a reading group. Meet one time a week. You can either choose a group book or each read and discuss your own book. It's your choice. Have some snacks! Make it a time to socialize while enjoying reading.
*Do a book versus video comparison. Read the book, then check out the video from the library. Which did you like better? Tell why. How were the book and the video different? Ask your librarian which books and videos that she recommends.
*Practice reading and have fun. Read to a younger child or to a dog.
*Make a list of 10 places to go and read. Make sure that they are safe places. Go to each place with your book and a snack. Read, read, read!
*Choose a topic that you are interested in learning more about. Check out books on that subject. Make a project to share with your friends and family showing what you have learned. Choose a project that will let you use your special talents. When you finish with one topic, there's time to start another one!
*Is there a place that you want to go to someday? Check out books to find out about that place. Read a fiction book that has this special place as the setting.
*Ask your librarian for some award winning books. Some awards for children's books are Newbery, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Sibert, and Wilder.

Enjoy your summer reading time. You can use it to explore, learn things that you have always been curious about, and to go places that you want to see. Reading is like any other skill; the more you do it, the easier it gets. Being able to read quickly and well makes school easier, too! I have included some resources of books from Pre-Kindergarten to 6th grade. If you need to find a good read, check these out.


Here are great books that kids enjoy listed by grade level and genre from two different library systems.

Johnson County, Kansas Library Children's Book Lists

Mid-Continent Library Children's Book Lists

I read books 1-3 of the Gregor series with my classes. We all loved them! I just bought the whole series, so that I can read the first three again and finish the series. This is the same author who later wrote the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Gregor the Overlander Collection: Books 1-5

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