Your Quotes

Your Quotes
"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned." = Peter Marshall

"Don't find fault, find a remedy." = Henry Ford

"We all know the way, few actually walk it." = Bodhidharma

These quotes were given to me by Jagdish Kaviraj.

Out of the quotes I was sent, I chose these three as I think they were the most appealing and quotes that I feel are beneficial.

The first quote by Peter Marshall talks of doing things rather than thinking of doing things. This might not make sense to you but is something that I strongly believe in. When people make promises or have big plans for their future, I believe it can never be valued as much as when someone achieves something, even if it isn't as big as other people's 'plans'. This can be applied to a lot of aspects in people's lives, for future job opportunities or even smaller things like promises between a couple - does a big promise that never happens means as much as something smaller than they actually do for you? Promises and plans don't mean half as much when they are not completed.

The second quote by Henry Ford regards people looking for the best in life, in people, in careers. When we come to stand-still points in our lives we usually end up finding all the wrong things about it, the wrong things we have done or the wrong things that might come about because of it. I guess this is what it is to be pessimistic which everyone will be once in a while. But instead of associating these points in our lives with such negative feelings we should find something to cure it - find something to make it better. By doing these we will achieve more than just dwelling on the bad things and not doing something about it which could - in the long term - make it better.

The last quote I think is ambiguous and could be interpreted in different ways. When I first read it - I believed that it was saying that few people actually achieve the dreams that they believe fans out their lives and future careers of what they have always wanted. But after thinking about it, it made me think that the quote was more about the idea that we don't know what direction we will take in our lives. Although we may know the way we want to take and the way that we think we will take, the idea of 'few actually walk it' made me think that we end up doing things and taking up different opportunities and challenges in our lives which were unexpected - but that is how life goes. Always unexpected.

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