Planting Herbs In Your Garden

Planting Herbs In Your Garden
Herbs are wonderful companion plants, not only for each other, but also for other plants in your garden. They act as natural pesticides, enhance the growth and flavor of vegetables and help keep the soil rich.

Plant the herb basil with tomatoes to improve flavor and growth and to naturally repel flies and mosquitoes. Don’t plant basil near rue.

Plant the herb hyssop with cabbage and grapes to deter cabbage moths. Don’t plant near radishes.

Put a fresh bay leaf in storage containers of beans, grains to deter weevils and moths.

Plant the herb borage near tomatoes, squash and strawberries to deter tomatoes worms.

Plant the herb caraway to loosen compacted soil.

Plant the herb catnip to keep away fleas and beetles.

Plant the herb chamomile with cabbage and onions to improve flavor.

Plant the herb chervil with radishes to improve growth and flavor.

Plant the herb chives with carrots to improve growth and flavor.

Plant the herb dill with cabbage, but not near carrots.

Plant the herb gopher purge around your garden to deter burrowing pests.

Plant the herb horseradish in a potato patch to keep out potato bugs.

Plant the herb lovage to improve the health of most plants.

Plant some garlic near roses to repel aphids.

Plant the herb marjoram to help enhance the flavor of all vegetables.

Plant the herb mint for the health of cabbage and tomatoes and to deter white cabbage moths.

Plant peppermint to deter moths and carrots flies.

Plant the herb rue with roses and raspberries to deter beetles.

Plant the herb sage to deter cabbage moths, beetles and carrot flies. Don’t plant near cucumbers.

Plant the herb summer savory with beans and onions to improve flavor and to deter cabbage moths.

Plant the herb tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) to deter flying insects, beetles, squash bugs and ants.

Plant the herb thyme to help deter cabbageworms.

Plant the herb wormwood as a border to keep animals out of your garden.

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