TREASON by the Media!

TREASON by the Media!
I believe the Media should take responsibility in the deaths of an unknown count of American soldiers. And I will outline the reasons why I feel that way and then you be the judge.

Young men and women are trained how to be soldiers, regardless of the branch of service they enter, and they are trained in combat and how to survive. I know, because I served in three branches.

The soldiers serving in Iraq are called upon many times to exercise that which they were trained for--combat and survival. The instinct part grows on you with each passing day you are in the service and it is fine-tuned and upgraded by each soldier with each passing day, especially in combat areas.

Soldiers now serving in Iraq and elsewhere are faced with situations which require INSTANT action and their instincts would normally provide them with an answer and they would react.

The media has now become a prime suspect in possibly causing an untold number of deaths of our soldiers in Iraq. HOW? A soldier is sent to Iraq and faces combat situations in which he or she must react instantly, to resolve the situation and to survive!

Let’s say a group of soldiers approach a group of people on a corner in Iraq and some of those people make aggressive moves towards the soldiers. The soldiers are aware that the Taliban and terrorists have used women and children for their dirty work. Now this group of people making an aggressive move suddenly turn and run at the American soldiers. Some have ITEMS or WHATEVER in their hands and maybe they are pointing them at the American soldiers. INSTINCT for survival and for self-defense sets in and the soldiers have to make an instant decision--one that could be a matter of life and death! In this case, they decide to not take any chances and they shoot some of the advancing people.

Suppose 1: the group of people had some weapons and some were going to try to use them. After the event, they made the weapons ‘disappear’ and it made the soldiers look and appear to have shot innocent civilians. The “disappearing” weapons were planed by the terrorists to serve the purpose I just outlined.

Suppose 2: The group of people were not armed but were ordered by the terrorists to rush the American troops. The women and children did so for fear of what the terrorists would do.

Suppose 3: The group of people were heavily armed and the American troops did not open fire because of the thought of possible murder charges the media would probably bring up. But the terrorists did and most of the soldiers were killed.

Soldiers in combat are faced with situations which happen in every war and there are enemies EVERYWHERE. You do not always have time to pause and ask civilians and others whether they are terrorist or friendly or whether they are armed or not. YOU REACT and you know your life could be at stake.

The media is arranging it so that so many soldiers are being charged with murder in Iraq that they may be and probably are, hesitating when it comes time to trust their instinct and survival training. And that hesitation is undoubtedly causing many of them to die, when they should still be alive.

I believe the media is more of a threat to the lives of our soldiers in Iraq than the terrorists are. The terrorists are who they are and we know that, and we know they are an enemy. The media are people within our own ranks and within the United States who are aiding the enemy and helping the enemy in their battle in Iraq.

The media may have the so-called right of free press but they do not have the right to undermine what our troops are doing and put them in more danger than they are already in.

The media should be charged with TREASON!

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