How to Use the Power of Color in Witchcraft

How to Use the Power of Color in Witchcraft
Spell-enhancers such as color are called correspondences because their symbolism corresponds with the purposes of various spells. Choose the best color for your candles and altar cloths. Use different colored cords for knot-magic and carry certain colored minerals in your pocket. Use color in visualization and more. When you peruse this list of commonly accepted meanings for colors, remember to consult your own intuition above all when choosing a color. If you don’t like green, you can choose another color for healing rituals.

Black: - absorbing, banishing, binding, concealing, the Crone/Elder aspect of the Triple Goddess/God, cursing, ending, hidden mysteries, protecting, reversing, and retribution.

Blue - chakras (throat and third-eye), female energy, healing (especially emotional healing), intuition, Jupiter, the moon, psychic powers, Saturn, and Venus. The throat chakra, and by extension the color of light blue, governs clairaudience, communication, singing, the throat, and the thyroid gland. The third-eye chakra, and by extension the color of dark blue, pertains to the eyes, the pituitary gland, and psychic vision.

Brown - domestic livestock, earth, the harvest, hearth, home, material needs, nature, pets, stability, and wildlife.

Gold - the God, masculinity, prosperity, the sun, and wealth.

Green - abundance, business success, chakra (heart chakra), the fae, female energies and male energies, fertility, good fortune, growth, healing (especially physical healing), legal success, longevity, Mercury, and Venus. The heart chakra, and by extension the color green (and pink), pertains to the breasts, the chest, the circulatory system, compassion, empathy, the lungs, and the thymus gland which influences your immune system. Green is a combination color, blending the nurturing qualities of blue with the intellectual focus of yellow for an outlook that is balanced and healing.

Orange - chakra (sacral), creativity, fertility, healing (especially sexual healing), pleasure, and sex. The sacral chakra, and by extension the color orange, pertains to the reproductive organs and sex magic. Orange is a combination color, which blends the intellectual focus of yellow with the passionate energy of red to stimulate creativity.

Pink - caring for oneself, chakra (heart), and friendship. See "Green" for heart chakra association. As a combination color, pink combines the passion of red with the purity of white to promote closeness within non-sexual relationships.

Purple - chakra (crown), divine essence, merging with the Divine, spiritual leadership. The crown chakra, and by extension the color purple, pertains to the brain, the central nervous system, and the spine. As a combination color, purple unites the intuitive qualities of blue with the strength of red to symbolize wisdom and spiritual leadership.

Red - chakra (root), courage, energy, healing (especially physical healing), lust, the Mother/Father aspect of the Triple Goddess/God, passion, power, primal instincts, romance, sex, strength, survival, and vitality. The root chakra, and by extension the color red, pertains to the feet, the immune system, the intestines, and the skeletal structure.

Silver - feminine energy, the full moon, and the Goddess.

White - balance, blessing, cleansing, consecration, female energy, healing (especially spiritual healing), the Maiden/Youth aspect of the Triple Goddess/God, the moon, protection, spirituality, and raising vibrations. Because white is a combination of all colors, it can be used as a stand-in for any color, thus enabling it to substitute for any purpose.

Yellow - chakra (solar plexus), intellect, intent, knowledge, memory, and will-power. The solar plexus chakra, and by extension the color yellow, pertains to the abdomen, liver, pancreas, and stomach.

See also my article What Are Wiccan Correspondences? and the CORRESPONDENCES subsection on the Wicca site.

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