Onsen - Relax at a Japanese Hot Spring

Onsen - Relax at a Japanese Hot Spring
Are you visiting the lovely Islands of Japan anytime soon? Then you will be blessed with the many healing properties, of the waters at any of the Onsen hot springs, the Onsen hot springs has being known to soothe, all aching and tired muscles as well as heal the body. The underground waters of the Onsen hot springs, are said to be a byproduct of Volcanism, which has a lot of medicinal properties that is beneficial to health.

The Onsen hot springs, are a delight for every Japanese as well as visitors, though this was not the case centuries ago, as the Onsen hot springs was singularly for the pleasure of the royal house, as well as those of noble birth and Government officials.
But later the benefits of the Onsen hot springs, started to include the military, who also discovered the healing properties of the Onsen hot springs, when their soldiers with battle wounds started to heal fast.

If you are going to a Onsen hot springs for the first time, there are some laid down rules you shouldn’t ignore, here are some Onsen hot spring etiquettes:

• Onsen hot springs are meant to be enjoyed without clothes, it’s a moment when you are supposed to feel free, so all form of clothing from swim suits to underwear, are entirely forbidden but if you feel uneasy about going about in your birthday suit, you can use a small washcloth to cover your privates, though this must be abandoned once you enter into the hot spring.

• After undressing ensure that you leave all your clothing behind, either in a basket or a locker at the changing room, you must also wash your body thoroughly before entering the Onsen hot spring.

• After soaking and enjoying your bath in a Onsen hot spring, do not shower before dressing because the minerals take several hours, to be absorbed into the skin.

In Japan there are many types of Onsen hot springs, some are fit for a single gender others are mixed, some types of Onsen hot springs are located indoors some are outside, others are part of Public bathhouse.
Onsen hot springs are aslo classified, according to the type of minerals that they contain, such as:

1. Carbonate Springs: These type of Onsen hot springs are very good for blood circulation, as well as neurological disorders.

2. Radium Springs: These type of hot springs are good for any digestive disorders, they also aid in lowering high blood pressure.

3. Iron Springs: These are hot springs that help in relieving inflammation of joints, as well as menopausal discomforts and even chronic skin diseases too.

4. Simple Springs These are Onsen hot springs, that have small mineral content in them but they are still good for blood circulation, as well as long-term rehabilitation.

5. Acidic Springs These kind of hot springs are a sort of "no" "no" for most people, due to the harsh effects they have on the skin but the acidic nature of this spring has also being known, to be beneficial for people with chronic skin diseases, as well those suffering from diabetes.

6. Sulfur Springs These hot springs are another "no" "no" and that's mainly because of its odor, the water from a Sulfur hot spring usually has a bad smell, like rotten eggs but its waters are said to most beneficial for the arteries, as well as for many other disorders.

7. Sodium Chloride Springs or Salt Springs These kind of hot springs are very good for joint inflammation.

This is not a complete list, of all the types of minerals in a Onsen hot spring but which ever one you choose, be least assured that you would get the healing, as well as medicinal properties that you desire.

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