Vitamin U or Cabbage Juice for Ulcers

Vitamin U or Cabbage Juice for Ulcers
I had long ago heard that cabbage juice could heal stomach ulcers. Dr Bernard Jensen promoted the juice for the disease in one of his lectures over 40 years ago, but the remedy is much older than that. It dates back over 100 years to old world Europe, specifically Russia, where cabbage has been a mainstay for survival for time immemorial. Dr. Jesnen called it vitamin U (U is for ulcer) which actually turns out to be methylmetioninesulfonium chloride.

Now I have tried cabbage juice and it’s a little hard to take and green, red or white makes not one bit of difference. Not the most pleasant in aroma or taste but if you are wanting to avoid all the dangers of antibiotics or if your stomach ulcers have not healed with previous antibiotics it may be worth a try.

You must have fresh juice and fortunately cabbage is not too expensive. I would use organic if available but a wise person once said to me that most any vegetable is better for you than a drug, so use what you can find. One to two ounces of pure juice on an empty stomach 3 to 4 times a day should do the trick. You should treat for at least two weeks. If your symptoms go away sooner continue with treatment because vitamin U is helping to rebuild and restore your stomach lining to normal thickness and function.

Cabbage has a reputation amongst raw food experts to be antiviral, anti- bacterial, anti-parasite, anti-cancer as well as detoxifying to the whole alimentary canal. If you don’t feel that you need the juice be sure to include lots of raw cabbage in your diet. When the garden is going we eat it almost daily and cabbage will store a very long time in the root cellar or refrigerator so don’t hesitate to stock up when good sales are happening.

Another preparation of cabbage that has a long health history of benefit is sourkraut. The very best kraut recipes use uncooked cabbage. Remember raw is best and raw and fermented is superior for the digestive system. You will have to learn to make this yourself as you cannot purchase it anywhere. If you are new to eating lots of cabbage it may take a period of time to adjust as for the cabbage provides a detox to your system you may experience extra gas. Be patient and keep going for it.

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