Stress Reduction for Stomach Issues

Stress Reduction for Stomach Issues
Stress causes the physical body to secrete hormones that can damage the system long term. Stress hormones can affect your digestion, cause tense conditions in the stomach and intestines and can affect the correct release of digestive enzymes.

Here are three things you can do to overcome stress. The main consideration is to create a time and space in your life daily where the concerns of the world cannot enter. Where you and just you reside in a state of potential relaxation uncorrupted by outside influences.

Meditation has long proven to provide a state of mind that reduces stress hormones. It can elevate the spirit and give rest to a tired body. There are many types of meditation available and most of them are good. All you have to do is select a form that you feel compatible with. Transcendental Meditation has many scientific studies behind it to prove its benefits. It is easy to learn and soon I will post an article to teach you how to do it.

Although I have been trained in TM one of my most favorite mediations is listening to music and I particularly like the heart beat of the drum. Drumming has been used by indigenous societies for thousands of years to induce a relaxed state. Drumming tapes are available in books stores and on the net.

Mediation has also found its niche in dance. Many dancers report heightened states of awareness and peace through dance. The New Sufi Order of The West has promoted dance as a meditation through their weekly Sufi dancing sessions.

Exercise can reduce stress if it is not overdone. Walking is certainly the best type of exercise for stress reduction but many people like yoga. Some nice soft music in a quiet room, some deep breathing exercises and some stretches can go a long way to reduce stress and change your outlook on the day.

Herbs and homeopathy are known for reducing stress. Many people benefit by a cup of warm chamomile tea or valerian or combined. These can be used daily to assist in relaxation for sleep or mediation if you find yourself too wound up to even think about mediation. I always keep chamomile tea available for those times when the day has propelled me into hyper mind.

Homeopathy also offers some excellent remedies for reducing stress and for some people these remedies can work on a very deep level. You may use them for a few weeks or months then suddenly find that you don’t need them anymore.

Here are my recommendations for homeopathic stress remedies and if you don’t believe me just read the reviews on each product. I have time tested them myself with many people and I highly recommend them. If you are not sure which one to purchase you can use two at the same time. Over time you will come to understand which one works the best for you. Homeopathy is fully nontoxic and can be used with children.



and if your stress is related to not getting enough sleep this remedy may be effective.

Neurexan for Sleep

Here is a tea with a number known relaxing herbs

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