Acid Reflux in Babies

Acid Reflux in Babies
Many babies reflux thier formula or breast milk in the first few months of life. It is normal because the digestive tract is still not fully developed. The esophegeal sphincter is not yet as strong as it will become nor is the digestive juices fully turned on. If your baby is refluxing there are a few things that you can do to help them through it and definitely some things that you should not do. My son would projectile vomit after breastfeeding. Projectile vomiting may be a serious problem if it is associated with a fever and these symptoms of vomiting and fever combined merit a visit to the doctor.

Some cases of reflux can be managed by not allowing the baby to overeat. If you are bottle feeding give smaller portions more frequently. If you are breast feeding, the same. Reflux is more common in babies that bottle feed for several reasons. Formulas can be harder to digest than breast milk that can cause gas and indigestion. Babies tend to eat larger amounts and faster with a bottle so the pressure on the esophageal sphincter is increased more frequently.

Some babies get colic and cry and scream a lot and reflux can go along with this. Getting the burp up sometimes takes a lot of patience and a lot of walking and back patting with the baby up over the shoulder in the middle of the night when you are exhausted. If digestion is not good you might consider changing the formula. If you are feeding breast milk try to determine if any particular food you are eating is affecting the baby. Onions, cabbage and broccoli are common problems for some babies causing gas and reflux and removing them from your diet is the answer.

Sometimes a thicker formula will help to reduce reflux. Baby's rice cereal can be added to the formula to thicken it just a little and you may have to make the hole in the nipple a little larger. But still, don't let the baby eat too fast.

On rare occasion reflux is a serious issue for a baby. If the child cannot manage the reflux well by swallowing there could be aspiraiton and respiratory problems and pneumonia or asthma could develop. You will know because you will see breathing difficulties. Take your child to a doctor right away. Some babies are born with an esophageal sphincter so totally underdeveloped that it is a serious problem. Most likely you will know that there is a problem before you leave the hospital.

Although I don't recommend any solid food for a baby before the age of 6 months sometimes with reflux there is no other solution than a little baby's rice cereal either in the formula or spoon fed. Avoid it if you can and try the following products first.

There is a homeopathic formula called 'Homeolab USA, Kids Relief, Colic for Kids' that can be very helpful for these digestive problems in babies. Homeopathy is totally nontoxic and safe. this would be my first choice.

For a Homeopathic preparation click here.

If the above does not work here is an herbal formula you can try.

For an herbal preparation click here

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