Digestive System Cancer Cure

Digestive System Cancer Cure
Recently I received the bad news that a family member has pancreatic cancer. Her death sentence is in 3 to 6 months. The doctors say that there is nothing that they can do for her aside from palliative care until her death, which would provide primarily for pain and nausea control with narcotics and other drugs. She will soon have her gall bladder removed to assist in some of the problem and discomfort. The cancer has spread to her duodenum and throat.

So much of what I do in research into alternative health is to be prepared for news like this. But I was not greatly prepared. How can one be prepared for such news regarding a family member?

Recently I had revisited the old topic for me, the Gerson therapy. I've known about the Gerson cancer cure for 35 years. This recent review got me on course for the news that I was about to receive. But more recently I've been looking into the very underground cancer treatment as taught by Rick Simpson called the Rick Simpson Cancer Cure which uses marijuana oil in a very condensed essential oil state to cure many cancers.

These two programs combined I think could be a life line for my relative. It is worth a try. There aren’t many other choices out there that she can afford or that offer even a single shred of hope. There are a number of antidotal but documented cases of pancreatic cancer cure with the Gerson therapy diet and protocols. I think that if this were combined with Rick Simpson's Oil (RS0) that she could stand a chance.

Research indicates that canniboid receptor sites all are found all though out the body including major organs such as the liver, brain, pancreas and others.
When cancer invades normal tissues these receptor sites endure. When RSO, which delivers concentrated canniboids, is ingested over a period of weeks to months the canniboids adhere to the receptor sites and cause the apoptosis of cancer cells. It has been proven in vitro and in vivo with live mouse studies in universities.

It has also been proven by the many cancer cures and remissions that RS0 has provided to desperate people seeking to save their lives. These people were so desperate that they were willing to try anything, even illegal drugs to live longer. For many of them it was the right choice.

Medical marijuana is available in some states and people there are using RS0 to treat their cancer and successfully so. Rick Simpson, who has provided this oil to thousands over the years says that it will cure 75% of cancer in people who not only have cancer but whom have been damaged by chemo and radiation on top of that. Simpson’s videos will introduce you to cancer survivors who have had stage IV cancer. There is no known conventional cure for stage IV cancer of any sort. Simpson says that usually the damage done from conventional medicine often cannot be cured but pain symptoms can be well managed with RSO.

It does not seem to matter if your cancer is located in a digestive organ or other organs or even on the skin.

I am preparing a set of literature for my family member so that she may evaluate for herself what she wishes to do. It will be composed of Gerson and RS0 information. Fortunately she lives in a state that provides for legal medical marijuana use and there are experts in the field available to discuss the matter with if you do on line searches. If she has the will this could be the way for her. You can find further informational links on Gerson Therapy in my site archive.

Below are links I found to be most revealing and that can help you to make a decision as to whether medical marijuana is a good choice for you. This first link will be the primary link for learning about RSO. Youtube also offers videos on how to make RSO if you should need that and I also advise that you go to youtube and search Rick Simpson and watch his 9 part video series on RSO.

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