Pancreas Function

Pancreas Function
The pancreas is one of the leading digestive organs and in alternative health its function is addressed frequently for maintaining homeostasis of the digestive system.

It is both an endocrine and exocrine organ. In its endocrine functions it is responsible for the secretion of hormones including insulin which decreases glucose in the blood and stabilization of blood sugar, glucagon which increases glucose in the blood and somatostatin which regulates the insulin and glucagen producing cells. These hormones are produced in the islets of Langerhan.

As an exocrine organ its function is essential to digestion through the excretion of a number of enzymes that function to breakdown protein, carbohydrates and lipids found within its basic formulation called chyme. These digestive enzymes are produced in tissues called acini cells.

These enzymes enter the duodenum through the ampulla of vater which is also joined by the common bile duct from the liver.

The digestive components excreted by the liver include amylase - digests starch, trypsin -digests proteins, lipase-digests fats, bicarbonate to promote PH stability and water. Pancreatic secretions are alkaline in nature. the excretion of pancreatic enzymes is regulated by hormonal secretions of secretin and cholecystokinin from the lining of duodenum, which is stimulated by the presence of fats, proteins and acids. The pancreas can also be stimulated to excrete enzymes via the vagus nerve through the sight, smell and thought of food.

Part of the function of the pancreas is regulated by the autonomic nervous system that controls blood flow in the pancreas. Autonomic nerve bundles are present along the colon and a direct relationship has been noted by iridologist between poor colon health and organ disease. I only pose a question here. Could malfunction and reflex response to the autonomic nervous system affect the overall system in such a way that the pancreas could be compromised by colon ill health?

Symptoms of poor pancreatic function can be averted through supplementation of enzymes and small amounts of baking soda at times. Baking soda would only be indicated if the stomach is truly hyperacid which can ONLY be determined by ph probe analysis. Reflux disease does not necessarily indicate a hyper-acidic condition and it should not be treated as such until it is proven.

The book by Dr. Bernard Jensen called the "Science of Iridology" will fully explain the relationship of the autonomic nervous system and corresponding body organs.

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