Aloe Vera For Stomach Issues

Aloe Vera For Stomach Issues
Aloe Vera has an ancient and long-lived reputation for alleviating constipation and healing bowel diseases. It is a plant medicine that should not be overlooked with chronic bowel issues of all varieties.

Over the years there has been an abundance of studies done on Aloe Vera and it’s pretty clear that this plant is capable of providing some deep seated healing relief in complex ways. It provides multiple benefits though a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients and polysaccharides. It has shown to increase the amount of time nutrients are available in blood plasma. For this purpose alone it would be a good adjunct to any healing protocol.

Its clearest benefit is in boosting immune system function. It is also known as one of the few plants to provide vitamin B12 (please see my article on B12 supplementation) Studies indicate that when aloe is consumed vitamins are absorbed better. When taken in large doses white blood cells are stimulated into production and in 1994 it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV due to its polysaccharide antiviral action and the improved immune function it stimulates.

Its long history includes its use not only for skin issues, its most common use, but also for serious diseases like irritable bowel, crohn's and stomach ulcers. It has a profound healing quality to epithelia tissue that is found in the mouth, stomach and bowel. It stimulates the production of pepsin, which will facilitate improved digestion. Insufficient pepsin can cause metabolic deficiencies of iodine, which may lead to hypothyroidism.

Aloe functions as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-parasitic elixir. All of these are issues that need to be addressed in most bowel and stomach disease including crohn’s and irritable bowel. These are also compounding factors in the common appendicitis and a multitude of other health issues such as cancer and arthritis.

Dr. Faith Strickland of the MD Anderson Cancer at the University of Texas has done promising studies showing the benefits of Aloe Vera. Many universites have takne on the challenge of studying Aloe Vera including UC Davis as well as the MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is a premiere research center in plant medicines for medical use. Aloe Vera has been noted to have anti cancer properties. Over 200 articles are available that demonstrate Aloe's healing benefits.

Just because your physician does not offer plant medicines does not mean that they are not beneficial. Some of the most prestigious researchers have examined aloe Vera and confirmed its healing or soothing abilities in a number of diseases. Your doctor does not recommend them because they are not patented prescription medications. But if you went to a naturopath, who is dedicated to using medicine that works, both inside and outside of pharmaceutical jurisdiction, you will find out about aloe Vera.

If you have ulcers, crohn's, irritable bowel, or any inflammatory symptoms the digestive tract I recommend you try Aloe Vera. Applications will have to be consistant and for up to six months for healing benefits.

Aloe has also been noted to reduce glucose levels up to 55% in diabetics so if you happen to be diabetic also it is one alternative plant medicine you should seriously look at.

Dosage recommendations in liquid form generally 1 to 2 ounces daily, am and pm.
Decrease dosage by ¼ if loose stools occur. Follow product recommendations.

Aloe Vera is non toxic but may cause loose stools.

Dried or freeze dried products are known to be very effective.
Take as directed on package.

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