Alternative treatment to Traveler's Diarrhea

Alternative treatment to Traveler's Diarrhea
Traveler's diarrhea is a common condition for those traveling abroad. This catch all name encompasses contamination from a number of different microbes from foreign sources of water, food and inadequate personal hygiene. There are alternative cures to antibiotics and this article will discuss a few of those.

Contrary to popular belief, these microbes cause disease in everyone not just foreigners. Citizens in foreign countries can be just as susceptible as visitors. One of the main differences is that foreigners within their own countries have generally learned how to avoid the problem. As a visitor you may be unaware of the hazards and where those hazards lurk. Those restaurants frequented by locals in a foreign country most likely have clean enough sanitation as those that are geared to welcoming visitors. Now in many foreign countries restaurants must use purified water in their ice machines. This source of contamination has been a leading cause and since its inception traveler's diarrhea has been greatly reduced. Avoidance of fresh raw foods should be avoided in all restaurants unless the restaurant states that they sanitize their vegetables with some kind of chlorinated product during the preparation process.

E-coli may be the cause but it is only one cause and only a small fraction of e-coli infections are life threatening. Hepatitis A can cause symptoms similar to traveler's diarrhea, especially in the early stages and certainly cholera is the most extreme of epidemics that holds a class of severity of its own. There are many different types of pathogens that can cause the traveler's nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. If you develop a situation where you cannot take in fluids or your fluid loss is in excess of what you can take in you should see a doctor immediately.

The typical treatment for traveler's diarrhea is a 7 day course of Cipro antibiotic. In Mexico and other Central American countries this can generally be acquired without a prescription in small towns after a discussion with the pharmacist. In larger cities a prescription from a physician may be required.

There are several products that a traveler can carry that can help prevent and cure the runs. When I travel I always carry great fruit seed extract either in liquid or tablet form. My preferred brand is NutriBiotic. When the diarrhea happens I have always found that double the recommended dosage is a preferred dose. Generally I take a GSE tablet daily to help prevent the problem, as well as being very careful of my water and food sources.

If the runs are excessive consider using a product like Imodium. This will slow it down considerably. Pepto-Bismol is another choice. But do not be deceived. A slowing down of the diarrhea from these products does not mean that you are on your way to a cure. You still need to take an antimicrobial or it will come back on you in full force when you stop these products.

When I carry liquid grapefruit seed extract (GSE) I also carry empty 00 capsules. If the GSE does not seem to help in two days add oil of oregano. Be sure when you travel that these products are in two ounce size bottles or less so that they will be allowed onto the airplane.

Here is a formula to treat Giardia, a diarrhea that hikers in the Rocky Mountains may be susceptible to if they drink stream water. This will also work with other types of diarrhea you may obtain in a foreign country. Generally, Giardia requires lengthy treatment, if using antibiotics or not. As a general rule of thumb, when using alternative treatments for microbes the course of treatment should be double or perhaps event triple the length of time that one would take antibiotics. Natural treatments require more time as they may not be as powerful as conventional antibiotics but on the other hand you will not suffer potential side effects that antibiotics can cause including further gut dysbiosis such as c-difficile infections or IBD. Cipro is also known for causing lifelong muscular pain in rare cases.


Six weeks course of treatment

Oil of oregano 3 drops 4x day
Grapefruit Seed Extract 8 drops 4 x days

Put oils and extracts into a capsule to take.
Some people advise taking these oils and extracts in an ounce or two of water to kill pathogens that may be in the esophagus or mouth as it goes down.

Follow treatment with Primal Defense, 6 pills twice a day for two weeks then gradually taper down to daily recommended dosage or other probiotics of your choice. I personally like VSL#3 probiotics.

Sometimes other less common parasites can be picked up. These can be very difficult to diagnose and to cure. I know of one person who picked up a microscopic "something" in Mexico 30 years ago and she still has not cured it after trying many antibiotics and alternative treatments. Diagnosis of these conditions can also be very difficult. Many labs are ill equipped to do the job and specialty labs as well as experienced physicians in parasites may be required.

MMS1 and MMS2 may be the answer you seek for severe gut infections and a dose of MMS1 two times a day at six activated drops may be enough to prevent most cases of traveler's diarrhea. Personally, when I travel now I do carry MMS1 and MMS2 with me. I prefer to be ready for whatever may come my way.

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All articles posted here are for educational purposes only. What you decide to do for your health is strictly your business. Whatever you do, look into all the options carefully and remember that natural remedies may provide you with safe alternatives.

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