Continuity and Connectedness

Continuity and Connectedness
The Feng Shui principle called "Continuity and Connectedness" is the modern name for the relationship of Feng Shui to the Tao (pronounced dow), which translates as "the way" or "the path." Because every action has a reaction, we are influenced by everything around us and, in turn, we influence everything. In Feng Shui, this means that the colors, shapes, and images you use to decorate your surroundings will influence what you attract into your life. The more you surround yourself with symbols of what you want to attract into your life, the more likely you are to achieve it. And the more these symbols relate to the natural world outside, the more connected you will feel.

In Feng Shui, we believe that "you are what you see." For example, if you surround yourself with artwork that is bleak and expresses isolation, you will attract the kinds of things and experiences that make you feel isolated and lonely. If you hold on to furniture that is shabby and worn, your life will feel impoverished. If you allow your faucets to drip and your toilets to run, your wealth will drain away. However, if your artwork consists of images that express prosperity and joy, your life will be prosperous and joyous; if your furniture is up to date, clean, and comfortable, you will feel abundant; if your plumbing works, you will feel like your wealth is not drying up.

These contrasts show the difference between a prosperity consciousness and a poverty mentality. That is, the more you surround yourself with symbols of what you want to attract into your life -- especially wealth, harmony, and love -- the more you will attract these things into your life.

Poet Maya Angelou said that we must be careful about the words we speak because "the words will hang on the walls." While Angelou was writing about what we do in the figurative sense, Feng Shui believes that it is true of what we hang on our walls in the literal sense. That's why it is so important to surround yourself with uplifting images throughout your home. In Feng Shui, we believe that artwork that is depressing or shows images that are violent or unhappy will make you feel the same way. But artwork that is inspiring and reflects harmony and happiness will make you upbeat and receptive to good things coming into your life. This is the kind of continuity and connectedness that Feng Shui seeks to achieve.

You can further reinforce connectedness by adding symbols of the natural world to your interior environment, such as flowers, plants, rocks, water, nature sounds, artwork of nature scenes, and aromas, textures, and colors. When you bring the natural world inside, you bring peace and harmony to your life. As an added benefit, when you bring the natural world inside, you bring in peace, harmony, and calmness to your life. Landscapes are especially useful in activating positive energy.

To see how your current artwork might be affecting the continuity and connectedness in your life, walk through your home and take a look at what is hanging on your walls from the perspective of your new "Feng Shui eyes." Consider whether each piece reflects what you want to attract into your life. If any piece is sending the wrong message, it is time to replace it, no matter how valuable it is. The following are some ideas for choosing the right artwork, and hanging it in the correct Feng Shui bagua area, to achieve various goals.
-- If you want to power-up your career and attract more wealth, place water images in your Career/Work area.
-- If you want to enhance friendships, hang images of happy people and joyous occasions in your Family/Community area.
-- If you want to travel, hang international scenes or pictures of maps and globes in your Helpful People/Compassion area.
-- If you want to attract or enhance love, hang images with pairs of objects like birds that mate for life or loving couples in your Love/Romance area.

You are what you see. The most effective way to make adjustments is to choose objects that are symbols of your hopes and dreams in a particular area of your life. Feng Shui adjustments work best when the objects you choose to place in your home or office become visual reminders of what you want to attract into your life. Choose objects and colors that you love, so you can shift the energy of your home or office in a way that matches your own style. The most effective way to make adjustments is to choose an object as a symbol based on how it inspires, encourages, or empowers you in that area of your life, rather than for what they are supposed to do for you. Then, put these objects in your home in the appropriate bagua areas as a visual reminder of the positive steps you are taking toward making improvements in that area of your life.

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