Brighten Your Eyes – Remove Bags and Puffiness

Brighten Your Eyes – Remove Bags and Puffiness
The first thing most people look at and notice first is your eyes. Are your eyes bright and clear or are you among the millions that are affected with bags and puffiness?

If you do have bags and puffiness, why does this happen?

The area around the eyes is usually one of the first places signs of aging begin to show and with aging, the skin above and below your eyes begin to become less elastic which causes sagging. As this process takes place the fat situated under the eyeball begins to push forward causing a puffy appearance and dark circles also begin to form under your eyes.

Treatment and relief is possible, but first keep in mind that the health of your eyes often depict your internal health and there are a number of steps you can take to alleviate or, at least, reduce both conditions.

The sun is your worst enemy, so be sure to wear sun block. A diet that includes foods high in salt, like salted popcorn or oriental foods, will make matters worse. The additional salt causes fluid retention which increases the swelling. And, keep in mind that excessive alcohol and tobacco use are both contributing factors.

You may have a healthy lifestyle but, at times, find yourself with puffy and baggy eyes. Stay tuned because there are a number of natural remedies that brighten your eyes and remove the puffiness and dark circles.

Cucumbers have been used for years as an eye treatment. When placed on your eyes, the slices create a cool and soothing effect and help lighten your skin. Five to ten minutes is all it takes to make your eyes look brighter and feel better. This works well with apple and potatoes as well.

If you’re in a hurry, place the back side of a cold spoon to each eye for several minutes, but be careful so it doesn’t stick to the skin. You can also press a cold washcloth on your eyes.

Tea, especially green or black tea which is full of anti-oxidants, works great for both puffiness and bags. Soak a couple of tea bags in cold or cool water, settle into a relaxing position, close your eyes and place a bag on each eyelid.

Ice is also an effective treatment. Chipped ice placed in a paper towel or thin piece of material or cold milk applied with a cotton ball will take care of the problem.

While these are all effective treatments, they provide temporary relief. The amount and type of sleep you get every night, the type of diet you eat and your overall health all play an important role in the appearance of your eyes. In some cases, bags and puffiness may be the result of a medical condition or an overly toxic body. Make sure you're taking care of yourself!

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