The Tragedy of Iraq

The Tragedy of Iraq
The tragedy of Iraq is that lives of American troops have been lost and continue to be lost because an organization whose mission is supposed to be world peace continues to look the other way and shirk their responsibility. Go to the web site for the United Nations and read all about what they are supposed to do in the world and then tell me why the United States has to do what the United Nations will not do?

I stand by the decision of this government to go to Iraq for the reasons they went there—to remove Saddam Hussein from power because he was not only a menace to world peace, but to the human rights of his own people. The fact that he was a menace to world peace should have been one of the priorities of the United Nations, as well as the United States and other countries.

The pros and cons of whether we should have went to Iraq will continue for as long as our political chaff wants to play the game. The good we are doing there will probably never really be made a big issue because it is to the benefit of the political analysts to make the United States look like the big bad wolf. The fact that we are not exactly fighting a Republican Guard but a well-organized terrorist group will not be the issue here because it is not in the best interests of those who want political favor, like Senator Kerry. What WILL be the big issue is that some guy named Bush is the big bad wolf and any good things he has done is unimportant. The way they present this case, NO ONE sees the good things in this situation but EVERYBODY sees the bad moves. That is the way the political machine wants to portray the game plan in Iraq.

The bottom line is that while the political adversaries continue to point fingers and to blame each other for the good, the bad and the ugly, the deaths of American troops continue to mount. The political machine continues to chug along, ignoring the consequences of delaying a solution to the whole mess.

The tragedy of Iraq is not in what has taken place or what is taking place right now. The tragedy in Iraq is the fact that people in the Senate Chambers, the Halls of Congress and the offices in Washington cannot sit down and take the time to IRON out a resolution so that our troops CAN come home. I’ll bet one thing for sure: if the sons and daughters in Iraq had parents serving in the Halls of Congress or the Senate Chambers, there would be some resolutions put on the table and voted on and I mean pronto!

Social Security is a problem because Senators and Congress men and women are not on Social Security. The high cost of drugs is a problem because members of the Senate and those in the Halls of Congress do not have to buy like we do. The high cost of gasoline is a problem because members of the Senate and the Halls of Congress do not have to drive into a gas station and pay for gas out of their own pockets like we do. Iraq is a problem because members of the Senate and the Halls of Congress do not really understand or care what is happening to our troops. They do not really understand or care because they are not aware of what is really going on, with veterans, with the families of veterans, with the troops, and with the families of troops.
The bottom line is that I think everyone should start learning what the letters WMD really stand for. They stand for What a Mess this Democracy is in right now, where R for Republican and D for Democrat has not produced the right equation to solve the problems created by the people who are supposed to solve them. The left hand does not know where the right hand is at and the only thing they know how to do is to attack each other on television to entice votes to their camp.

The United States of America is still one of the best governments ever created, despite all the cracks and crevices appearing in the structure. The one major big problem with this government right now is that we ARE NOT UNITED! UNITED we stand; DIVIDED we fall. And the Republicans and Democrats ARE NOT united; they are divided!

The troops in Iraq will be able to come home when the Republicans and Democrats learn to get along and learn politics can govern people if it is used right and not played like a game of chance.

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