The PTSD Puzzle -- Help Is On The Way!

The PTSD Puzzle -- Help Is On The Way!
I have been searching the Internet and doing some research with regards to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and it does not take a genius to figure out that one way you DO NOT treat this type of problem is with MORE STRESS! We need more people who can relate to the Veterans and who know what they are going through. We DO NOT need people sitting behind desks studying documents that tell them about a problem they do not understand. They may have knowledge and they may be considered to be experts in their field, but that does not mean they know was PTSD is and what is is doing to each and every veteran. PTSD does not affect every veteran the same way and it is not a STANDARD for all veterans who served in combat. It is ONE STANDARD and it varies in the way it attacks each veteran. The way to solve the situation with PTSD is to make sure they know WHO they are dealing with, in addition to the WHAT they are dealing with. Many problems have been created with regards to how they treat many veterans for PTSD because they do not do their homework on the veteran. They may do their homework on the disease or the problem but they fall short when it comes to ground zero approach.

I am in the process of creating my own PTSD web site at one of my Domains and will contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and some other organizations and people in order to find a better way to help ease the stress on veterans. They already have a problem when they have to deal with PTSD and those who treat them need to realize that you just don't step in and do it they way they think it should be done.

There are a lot of sites out there where you can find help with PTSD, if you or someone you know is dealing with that right now. And if you are, please feel free to let me know and let me help you help yourself. We are all in this together and believe me, you are worth the trouble. You put yourself on the line and you served with honor. I understand where you are coming from and I know one thing for sure....there is another way to treat PTSD! Many do not understand, many do not comprehend, and many do not realize exactly which road to put you on so you come out on high ground.

You did your part, you served your country, and you paid a huge price. You deserve to stand up and hold your head up high. YOU did your part and many who criticize you or give you a bad time do not understand and many of them DID NOT do their part. They are not doing their part now because they have not walked in your footsteps.

A scholar with a degree DOES NOT have all the answers. He or she may think they have, and all the research, all the study, and all the knowledge they may possess is NOT the solution to the problem you have with PTSD. They do not understand because they were not there. They do not understand what you are facing right now, but they day....if they begin to listen.
You guys and gals from Iraq.....many of you will have to deal with the unseen terror of the little PTSD messenger.....he is everywhere.....and he lurks just around the corner, threatening to engulf you every chance he gets. BUT, he has no power, unless you let him have the power to become an enemy to you. Stand up, fight back, and let the evil of PTSD know that you will never surrender to the flimsy rules he sets for you. There are ways to deal with this and you have now taken the first step when you found someone who can stand with you to deal with this parasite called PTSD.

The United States Government and the Veterans Administration are in the battle, but they have not done enough homework to understand what is really required to overcome this health problem. But we know and we are dealing with it. And maybe, by the Grace of God, one day they will realize that maybe....just maybe....someone out there in never-never land has some answers, even though they do not have a degree. The people in high places who think degrees are the answer will one day realize that perhaps degrees are sometimes just words on a piece of paper.

The Sabref15 PTSD Site is being created right now and when it is finished, you can visit that site and we will FIND ANSWERS and help you find the kind of peace you deserve so you can deal with the problem with dignity and know that you are in control, and not PTSD.

Hang in there, keep smiling and we are in this war together!

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