The Ox in Chinese Astrology

The Ox in Chinese Astrology

People born in the years 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009 are considered the Ox people according to Chinese Astrology.


According to the Chinese calendar, the people born under the Ox year are very patient. They have a very hard-working capacity. The Ox are very stubborn and determined. When they are working on something they are very enthusiastic about, they can work non-stop without complaining.

The Ox may seem so calm and reckless but in fact, they are very smart and intelligent people that the others can not recognize. Their intelligence is purpose-driven. They believe that, in order to achieve their goal in life, one should be trusted and hard-working.


The Ox can easily become workaholics. They should maintain a balance between their Professional and personal life. They also need to find a way to relax in order to stay healthy even though they have strong immune systems.


As Ox people are very determined and do not complain about working long hours, they make good managers, army officers, academicians, engineers and architects.


The Ox can not define or express their feelings with words. They can not be expected to write love letters to their partners like Don Juan or Casanova. Based on this fact, it can not be thought that they are not excited about love or desire someone. It’s not an easy task to wake their passion. Love at first sight is very unusual for them. It would be wrong to say that they fall in and out of love very quickly. Their love blossoms for months and years and gets stronger. Once they reach to the peak, no one can stop them. They are always loyal to ther person they share their life with.

The Ox are normally very hard to have a consistent relationship with because they are givers, not receivers. The best person to be with an Ox should have an opposite nature, otherwise they may end up getting bored in the relationship.

The Ox According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find your element and continue reading about the characteristics of Ox with the influences of the elements on them.

02.15.1961 – 02.04.1962 Metal
02.03.1973 – 01.22.1974 Water
02.20.1985 – 02.08.1986 Wood
02.08.1997 – 01.27.1998 Fire
01.26.2009 – 02.14.2010 Earth

The Metal Ox

The Metal Ox are talented in giving speech. They are smart and mostly artistic. These positive features show that they have a positive perspective in life. They are hard-working. The Metal Ox are open to discussions. They don’t avoid sharing their opinions and ideas especially concerning their career. The Metal Ox would be a difficult colleague but they are always trusthworthy people.

The Water Ox

They are always prepared to listen to others’ opinions and advice. The reason for that is not because they are open to new ideas just like all Ox. They have a conservative nature but they do not avoid reasonable discussions. If they are proven that the new idea is more reasonable and practical, they would use their power to apply or to practice it. This does not necessarily mean that they accept the superiority of the new one. They are not very well prepared fort he damage the new would bring.

The Wood Ox

The Wood Ox are better at working compared to the other Ox. They take others’ feelings seriously. The Wood Ox are very ambitious and wouldn’t avoid working hard. As they aren’t that stubborn compared to the other Ox, they are more likely to be successful and famous in their lives.

The Fire Ox

The Fire Ox have a bitter and sarcastic way of communicating and acting when they show the flaws of the others. However, if they’re proven wrong in their judgements or the way they acted, they are ready to take the responsibility and apologize. Their tough nature may make many things harder and complicated in life. That’s why diplomacy is not a good profession for them. However, whatever the profession they have, they have good careers. They believe that a career must be got by fighting for it. They would be very successful in law and military works.

The Earth Ox

The Earth Ox are very reckless among the tribe. They are very talented and loyal, committed, sincere. However, they don’t have the creativity and sensitivity based on imagination. This shouldn’t make the Earth Ox upset or disappointed because they are able to achieve their goals in life. All they need to do is to be patient, hard-working and determined.

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