Military Leaders Born in October

Military Leaders Born in October
James Earl “Jimmy” Carter – U.S. Naval Officer, Politician, 39th President of the United States

Born: October 1, 1924
Died: --

President Carter graduated for the U.S. Naval Academy, and while in the Navy attended graduate school majoring in reactor technology and nuclear physics. He served in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets. He entered the fledgling Nuclear Submarine Program and worked developing training manuals. In the aftermath of Canada’s Chalk River Nuclear Reactor partial meltdown, Carter became the Officer in Charge of the U.S. presence there. After his father’s death, he resigned his commission as Navy Lieutenant, to return home and run the peanut farm. Jimmy Carter was elected to: one term as Governor of the state of Georgia, two terms as Georgia State Senator, and two terms as President of the United States. He received Nobel Peace Prize after leaving the Office of Presidency.

Ruth Cheney Streeter – American military Officer

Born: October 2, 1895
Died: 1990

Streeter was the first Director of the U.S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. Her responsibilities entailed the selection, training, and assigning women reservists to replace men in shoreline fortifications thereby, freeing up men to participate in World War II. Under Streeter’s leadership, the USMC Women’s Reserve flourished to 831 officers and 17,714 enlisted women. She was the first woman to climb to the rank of Major in the Marine Corps. By the time she retired, Streeter had attained the rank of Colonel.

Oliver North – American military officer, author and television host

Born: October 7, 1945
Died: --

North is a former Lt. Col. In the USMC. As a platoon commander in the Vietnam War, he earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts. In 1982, he was assigned to the National Security Council (NSC) in Washington D.C. As Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs, North managed a number of missions. The most notable was arranging the mid-air interception of the Egypt Air Jet carrying those responsible for the Achille Lauro high-jacking. He resigned his commission in 1988 after the Iran-Contra scandal.

Juan Perón – Argentine military officer, Politician, 29th President of Argentina

Born: October 8, 1895
Died: 1974

He began his military career in the Infantry. Perón worked his way up through the military, becoming an instructor at the Superior War School, followed by a appointed to the Army General Staff Headquarters. He served the government of Argentina as Minister of Labour, and Vice President of the Republic. He served as President for three terms, as well as, survived a coup d’état and exile. His second wife was the famous Evita Perón who died in 1952.

Grigory Potemkin – Russian military leader, Politician

Born: October 11, 1739
Died: 1791

Potemkin was a favorite of Catherine the Great. He first attracted Catherine’s favor for assisting her in the 1762 coup. Distinguishing himself as a military leader in the first Russo-Turkish War, where he earned the title of Grand Admiral and Head of Russia’s land and irregular armies. Potemkin is also credited with the peaceful annexation of the Crimea. He inspired Russia’s First National Anthem, “Let the Thunder of Victory Sound” for his successes during the 2nd Russo-Turkish War.

Dwight “Ike” D. Eisenhower – Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces WW II, 34th President of the United States

Born: October 14, 1890
Died: 1961

This Five Star General was in charge of all the allied forces in Europe, as well as, the famous D-Day invasion of France, during WW II. After the war, he ran for President and was elected for two terms, in 1952 and again in1956. The Eisenhower administration was known as a period of Peace and Prosperity even though it was over shadowed by the ‘Cold War’ with the Soviet Union and China.

Timothy Ruggles – American Tory military leader, Politician

Born: October 20, 1711
Died: 1795

Ruggles was the President of the first Colonial Congress of 1765. He became one of the leading Tories of New England. He commanded The Loyal American Association, an army sworn to defend the King and Crown of England by all means possible to enforce the King’s Rule. Forced out of the City of Boston, he was forced to settle in Nova Scotia. Ruggles’ daughter was the first woman to be executed in America.

Nestor Makhno – Ukrainian military commander

Born: October 26, 1888
Died: 1934

Makhno is considered a Ukrainian Anarcho-Communist Revolutionary, who opposed both the Czarist and Communist rule. He is known for leading the Independent Anarchist Army and the Insurrection Army of the Ukraine, waging a guerrilla warfare campaign, against both sides, during the Russian Revolution. He died in exile in Paris.

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. – Military leader, Politician, 26th President of the United States

Born: October 27, 1858
Died: 1919

President Roosevelt was truly a man of all seasons, a man’s man with the macho persona of a cowboy of the old West. As a politician, he held offices at all levels from New York City Police Commissioner, to Secretary of the Navy, to Vice President, then President of the United States. Best known for his belief in a strong and powerful military for which he was quoted as saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Upon the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt resigned his position as Secretary of the Navy and formed the first U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment comprised of cowboys from the Western Territories of the U.S. They were called the ‘Rough Riders.’ He was the first President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the end of the Russo-Japanese War, and was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously, for his part in the Battle of San Juan Hill.

William “Bull” Halsey, Jr. – Fleet Admiral of the U.S. Navy

Born: October 30, 1882
Died: 1959

Soon after the escalations of war, in the Pacific Theater during WW II, Admiral Halsey was made the Commander of the South Pacific Area. This meant he was in charge of all ground, sea, and air operations. He was the leading proponent of the utilization of aircraft from a Carrier base as the warfare of the future. He is best known for his bold and inventive tactics and strategies. When asked about his contributions in the Pacific, he was quoted as saying, “There are no great men, just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet.”

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