IBS Causes and Cures – A Natural Remedies Guide

IBS Causes and Cures – A Natural Remedies Guide
Because IBS is such a mysterious syndrome the exact cause of it can be difficult to put a finger on. What complicates matters even more is the number of other bowel issues that produce the same symptoms as IBS. These would be abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and gassiness, mucus in your bowel movements, bouts of diarrhea or constipation or both off and on.

Don’t self diagnose your colon issues. If you are suffering at least twelve weeks out of the year from the symptoms listed above, it is important that you go to a specialist for a proper diagnosis. You may or may not have IBS. You may have lactose intolerance, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, cancer or for women you may have endometriosis. Once you have received a proper diagnosis, get a second opinion. If you are seeking treatment for something you don’t have it will only create more frustration for you and leave you with the misery of an unrecognized illness. You will then be left with the common belief that IBS is “incurable.”

I’m not a big fan of IBS medications for a few reasons. Medications do not get to the root cause of IBS and therefore cannot cure it. They also have any number of side effects, including death which not an option for me. Most just don’t work. Medications that do “work” give a false sense that everything is “fine” when in fact it is not fine. It is simply that signals of ill health are being stifled. Your body’s wisdom should always be heard.

There are four major causes of IBS. If you really want to know the root cause of your IBS it is crucial that you examine all of the possibilities. Carefully look at the list below and see where you are most likely to fit in. You may find yourself looking at multiple root causes, and that’s okay. Treating your IBS naturally will mean choosing the right angle of defense for the cause. Remember, always drink plenty of water, walk 20-30 minutes per day and take probiotic supplements. Every day.

Before you begin, pinpoint exactly when you developed your IBS. Is it something that you have always had a problem with, or did it appear more recently? Take your time with this process. It can be a trial and error venture so be so very patient with yourself.

•Stress/Emotional Turmoil - Best defense: Seven to Eight Hours of Solid Sleep per Night, Therapy, Yoga/Meditation, A Meditation Class or Program, Acupuncture and Books like The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz
If you are a highly stressed individual then you can take this as a most probable root cause of your IBS. Sit down with yourself and create a list of things that give you anxiety. When did you first develop your IBS symptoms? What was happening in your life at that time? Was it the specific event that caused it, or a trigger response to previous events?

•Food intolerances or Sensitivities – Best Defense: Food Diary, Elimination Diet, , Acupuncture and Books like Eat Right For Your Type By Peter J.D’Adamo
You can develop food intolerances at any point in your life. Have you noticed a worsening with your symptoms after eating certain foods? Or perhaps a lessoning of symptoms with certain foods? See my article on the elimination diet.

•An Overall Imbalance in Your GI Tract – Best Defense: Herbal Supplements that Balance Your System and Acupuncture
Are you taking or have you ever taken antibiotics or any other medications that are known to upset bowel function? If so, your motility is completely off balance as a result. The digestive system has a flow all of its own. Taking meds that upset your particular system is like throwing a wrench in the works and can offset a chain reaction. It is also common to have picked up a parasite or two, particularly if you have traveled to another country. Tip: Most of these balancers contain Aloe Vera extract. Some people are sensitive to Aloe Vera which may have a laxative effect. Most people are just fine with it.

•Entity Attachment – Best Defense: Entity Removal, Therapy, Acupuncture, Elimination Diet, Walking, Vitamin B12 Drops or Dots
Never heard of this one? Most of us know about Guardian Angels and the like but never consider the other side of things. Human vulnerability can attract the lesser known and undesirable entities just the same as the pure ones. Like one gets mud on their shoes. Abused children can pick up these guys and carry them for life. This can cause any number of “unexplained” afflictions and health problems. Not to worry though. It is far more common than you think and easily remedied. Really. All it honestly takes is for you to not want them around any more and to tell them so. Just like you would a door to door salesman or your neighbors dog in your yard. If you need help, ask for it. Take a deep breath, relax and truly begin taking care of you.

If you have questions about the products or services I have mentioned in this article please come to the forum, or feel free to email me directly.

*Please know that I am not a medical doctor or a health practitioner. I cannot diagnose your stomach problems nor can I guarantee a cure. I am here to share my knowledge, which applications have worked for me and to offer suggestions of where you may go physically, emotionally and spiritually for healing and self-empowerment. If you choose to explore alternative medicine, do not independently stop taking your prescribed medications. Always consult with your current doctor as well as your new practitioner when changing your medical program

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