Iowa State Facts

Iowa State Facts
Being born in the charming state of Iowa I thought it only right for me to load you all up on some tidbits about it. Most people assume it is a state set aside by the globe to produce corn and cattle-but let me tell you-there is much more to the Hawkeye State than what is found in its fields.

The state capital is Des Moines. (For those of you not from the state the “s” on both words is silent!) It originated, and got its name, from Fort Des Moines that was built there in 1843 at the meeting spot of the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers. The fort was set up to protect the rights of the Sak and Fox tribes.

And while we’re on the topic, the state capital holds the title of largest population at 198,682 residents.

As of 2006 the entire state’s population was 2,982,085.

The land mass of the state of Iowa is approximately 55,689 square miles. My family’s got rights to some of that! Corn and all!

Barely beating several other towns, Barnes City, Iowa comes in at the smallest town with 201 residents. Ironic that “city” is in its name.

Iowa got its name from the Iowa Indians of the Siouan family.

It was the 29th state to enter the Union on December 28, 1846.

The state song just so happens to be “The Song of Iowa”. Don’t forget that one-there will be a test later.

The motto that holds the state together is “Our liberties we will prize and our rights we will maintain.”

Though the state is saturated with pheasants and ducks for a large part of the year the state bird title goes to…the Eastern goldfinch! Much tinier and not as much fun (or legal) to hunt as the aforementioned winged creatures.

The wild rose prefers it here and, in response to its loyalty, Iowans have given it the reputation as the state flower.

The state tree is the Oak. Great for deer blinds and/or tree houses.

The state rock is the Geode. Couldn’t find better or prettier book ends.

There are over 64 institutions that are able to appoint higher education degrees.

Not to mention that, as most of us should know, the Hawkeye state is the first to vote for the President of our country.

And one final, impressive fact, especially at a time when the country seems to be in a recession-there is only a 4.8% unemployment rate! If in need of a good job or a good steak-this is the state for you!

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