The Dog In Chinese Astrology

The Dog In Chinese Astrology
People born in the years 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006 are considered the Dog people according to Chinese Astrology.

According to the Chinese, Dog is accepted as a beautiful and intelligent animal. People born under this sign are honest, passionate, open-minded, objective, kind and intelligent.


In China, the definition of Dog is very positive. The people born under the Dog year according to the Chinese Calendar, are relaxed, kind and thoughtful. They are the best friends one can ever find. Dogs are also symbols of justice and fairness. You can always trust them without hesitation. Even though their friendships last for the rest of their lives, they make new friends slowly. They would be skeptical at first and once they make up their minds to become friends, they never give up on their friendships.

Everything is defined in black and white for them. There is no gray. It’s either good or bad. Beautiful or ugly. There is no middle. The Dog is the creature who can sense most of the things that others wouldn’t sense. They hide the angel inside them under their masks. They are admired people.


The Dogs are healthy as long as they are happy. Happiness is the key to their health. When they feel down, they are likely to get ill. However, they are good fighters against illness.


Based on their creativity, enthusiasm for learning and teaching, the Dog makes good interior decorators, judges, scientists, teachers, psychiatrists, professors and politicans.


Dogs devote themselves to the person they love. They are the most faithful, loyal and committed people when it comes to love. It may take a while for them to choose the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives, but once they find the ‘one’, their world starts to evolve around this person.

The Dog According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find your element and continue reading about the characteristics of Dog with the influences of the elements on them.

02.18.1958 – 02.07.1959 Earth
02.06.1970 – 01.26.1971 Metal
25.01.1982 – 02.12.1983 Water
02.10.1994 – 01.30.1995 Wood
01.29.2006 – 01.29.2007 Fire

The Earth Dog

Earth Dogs have a nature of taking it slow. They are successful in finance most of the time. Earth Dogs are more practical. They’re often asked for their advice about many things.

The Metal Dog

It’s hard for them to be flexible. They are very strict toward everyone including themselves about following the rules they believe in. They never break the rules. The Metal Dog has the toughest nature. It wouldn’t be wise to mess with them!

The Water Dog

The Water Dog is the most easy-going and aggreable one amongst the tribe. However, once they are agitated, they fight until the end.

The Wood Dog

They act very reasonable. The Wood Dog has a kind, soft and warm nature. They are supported and admired by the people around them.

The Fire Dog

They are born to be leaders. The Fire Dog has a strong personality and charisma. They would make very good leaders amongst the people around them.

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