Colonic Irrigations - To Have or Not To Have

Colonic Irrigations - To Have or Not  To Have
I was trained as a colonic therapist by the clinic of Dr Rudolph Alesleban in San Deigo in 1975, back in a time when the therapy was little known and those physicians who promoted it were persecuted in the courts of public opinion.

Since those days the practice of colonic irrigation has grown by leaps and bounds and can be found in most cities and in chiropractic and naturopathic offices and even some physicians offices across the nation. There are also independent free standing colonic irrigation clinics. In some states the procedure must be ordered by a physician. In most states it remains unregulated.

Colonics can assit the body in deep healing and cleansing. As a therapist I worked on many people with a multitude of health concerns, from cancer to irritable bowel, to diverticulitis to those who just feel the need to clean out. I have seen large and small parasites and the shock upon the faces of those they lived with in. I have seen mucus ropes exit at the length of 10 or more feet. I have seen black and red and green stuff in the forms of flakes, rocks, strings, and clumps of tenacious mucus. Certainly many people benefited by unloading this stuff.

I even saw a few clients where the valves in the digestive system were so destroyed that the barium went all the way up to the stomach. Typically the barium should not enter the small intestine at all.These folks were in dire straights long before they walked into our clinic and they would not be candidates for colonic irrigation therapy.

In the clinic in which I worked we monitored the clients progress not only by how the client felt but by barium xrays and iridology readings. Always improved heath was associated with improved x-ray results and healing signs within the iris of the eye in the colon areas and often in reflexive areas from the colon to other body organs or systems as well. This informal study convinced all of us in the clinic of the validity of iridology by the way.

There are 4 types of colonics to choose from these days. The first and original type I would avoid as they are old machines that use gravity drainage to fill the colon. The newer machines are pressure sensitive and will alert the clinician when the pressures start to rise to an uncomfortable level for the client. All fecal mater is contained in an outflow tube so there are no smells or mess to deal with. As it exits it passes through a glass cyliner for observation. Some machines have traps to send samples out for lab analysis. The better machines have a water temperature control. Warm water and cold water have different effects on the colon and are used to advantage.

Amongst the newer machines you will have types that can instill herbal formulas. The machines I recommend the most will bubble either pure oxygen or ozone into the water. Oxygen and ozone are known for their tissue regenerative capabilities. If I had the choice I would choose ozone for its most potent systemic detoxifying capabilities. Some machines will allow you to plug in an air line to the water holding tank for the delivery of ozone if the practitioner cannot provide it themselves and if you have your own equipement.

I think that there are very few for which a colonic is contraindicated. The barium x-ray will often show if there is extreme tissue degeneration which will requrie alternative methods of bowel healing prior to colonic irrigation. This possibility should be suspect if the client has extreme bowel symptoms and they only way to know for sure is a test. This is generaly a very rare situation. If a client can endure an enema they can endure a colonic, and sometimes with greater ease as the pressures can be relieved immediately, the client can lay back and relax and a more thorough cleansing is possible.

With the use of oxyen in the colonic water I have seen extremely degenerated colons heal and normalize. In the clinic I worked in all colonics were followed by sine wave therapy used on the transverse colon to help lift it out of the prolapased state that frequently occurs. It can also help to return a sigmoid or secum to the proper position. Again barium xrays will demonstate effectiveness.

In the clinic I worked in up to 3 colonics were administered per week, often with a two or 3 month protocol although some clients conditions were so extreme that many more months of treatment were required.

Cleansing the colon will increase energy, heal ulcers and diverticuli as well as diverticulitis, assit to purify the blood, help with congestion and detox issues and will benefit every system and organ in the body. I have even seen migraines and sinus condtions healed, but this will only happen if these conditions are related to a toxic over loaded colon.

The procedure generally takes about one hour and the cost ranges from $40 to $100 depending on where you go. This therapy should be only a part of a comprehensive detox and rejuvenation protocol.

It is advised that while you are receiving colonic therapy that you take a powerful pro-biotic, a pre-biotic and a living foods diet for the best effect. Since the colon does absorb a multitude of materials, and this is why the rectal applications of medicine are frequently used in hospital, it is an excellent time after a colonic to instill with a 12 inch french 14 cathether the herbal teas of your choice or the powerful healing agent, wheatgrass.

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