Is There Something to the Birther Issue?

Is There Something to the Birther Issue?
Donald Trump has really been making a name for himself but it seems he is stuck on the whole issue of President Obama really being an American citizen. To some Republicans, he is hurting their party line. To some Democrats, they think he is actually helping them.

I heard bits of an interview he did where he suggested he may have found something on Obama. When questioned about it, he got quite testy and kept saying, “We’ll see” until he finally got the interview moving on.

So what is the deal with the whole “live birth” certificate versus a genuine birth certificate? Apparently in the state of Hawaii, you are issued a Certificate of Live Birth, which is not the same as a birth certificate; however it is still considered a valid, legal document.

Now to be honest, I don’t have a problem with Donald Trump investigating this. We have the right to do things like this in America. However I do have a problem with the way he has put so much focus on it.

Obviously if we were to discover that President Obama isn’t truly an American citizen, that would be a real problem. But our country is facing some serious issues and if Donald Trump wants to be a serious contender, he needs to be addressing those.

So what does President Obama think about all of this? In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” he basically laughed it off. He said, “Most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii.” And he then went on to say that he doesn’t have horns. I guess that’s addressing those who have accused him of being the antichrist.

At any rate, I see Donald Trump as having a lot of tenacity and if he wants to do some investigations into whether or not Obama was truly born here, I say go for it. But to spend so much of his time on the air dealing with this issue is only making him look less and less like a potential presidential candidate.

Trump should start dealing with issues of our economy, jobs, wars and so many other more important factors.

I don’t really know if there is anything to this birther issue. I know that some are jumping right onto the bandwagon, like Sarah Palin but others, such as Michele Bachmann are ready to move on.

And just to clarify, the reason I am not personally holding a stance on whether or not I believe Obama is an American citizen is because I truly don’t know. I tend to believe it is more likely that he is but then again, anything can happen. We live in a world of uncertainty. So would I be shocked to find out he wasn’t born here? Not likely.

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