On the Fence with Libya

On the Fence with Libya
Well I’m on the fence with this whole Libya thing. I will be honest, when we first went into this I was all for it. I was feeling kind of proud of President Obama. I felt like he was finally showing some testosterone.

I posted something in the Independent Parties forum about our decision to be part of the coalition and the subject was red hot. Most were not in agreement with me. I could see some valid points and it was that forum which caused me to rethink the whole thing.

On a personal front, I dislike dictators such as Qaddafi. I think there is no place in the world for the likes of him, Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden. I hate the evil that is within them and the evil they represent.

Even if I don’t have to live in their country or deal with their madness, I feel for the people who have to suffer. My heart goes out to those who have been victimized by their tyranny. So sometimes my heart really does get in the way.

But as the Libya “operation” has continued to unfold, I have been rethinking some things. Perhaps we shouldn’t have gotten involved. There are many other countries such as Yemen, who would love to receive some humanitarian help but I know that we can’t possibly be the savior for the world.

We also can’t afford it and I have to admit, I am beginning to realize this is less about humanitarian help and it is more about destroying a dictator.

Although the U.S. has claimed that it has no desire to kill Qaddafi, I don’t believe it. Why else would we engage in this war? Why else would his compound get bombed?

Would I be sad if he was killed? Honestly no, I wouldn’t. But do I think it is our place to do it? I have my doubts.

I do believe that at this point it’s probably best if the U.S. pulls out. Let the French and the U.K. do what they want.

The bottom line is, we really don’t have a clear understanding of what the goal is with our part in this whole thing. We haven’t heard from anyone very clearly why we are there and what we hope to accomplish.

I do suspect that the reality is we are targeting Qaddafi but no one is going to admit it. And let’s say this happens…what then? Who will take over Libya? Could that possibly create an even worse situation?

There just aren’t enough certainties with any of this and I am definitely feeling uncomfortable…still on the fence but I think I know which way I am tending to lean.

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