Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween Costumes on a Budget
Is Halloween quickly approaching and you're still searching for that perfect costume? Are you running out of time and money? Search no more! Here are some fabulous costume ideas that you can make yourself. These costumes are great if you spent all your money on a random pointless shopping spree, or if you're on a limited budget.

1. Wear brown clothing and hat. Stick silk leaves (can get a package cheap at craft stores) all over, including hat. Perch a stuffed bird on your head. BAM! You’re a tree!

2. Sticking with the brown clothing, attach a bunch of green or purple balloons all over. You’ll have Grape fun with this costume!

3. Wrap yourself in orange felt. Cut armholes and paint face orange. Voila! Carrot Stick! This is great for Vegetarians. If you’re a little on the short side, don’t worry. Just go as a baby carrot.

4. Love the orange color theme but not a veggie lover? Then try this. Roll yourself in orange yarn. Glue pumpkin seeds all over. What are you? Pumpkin Guts of course!

5. Okay, so you really want to use the glue but hate the color orange, then this is for you. Glue trash on you. Bet you’ll be the only trash heap on your block. Tip: Use clean trash, or course—unless you’re going for appearance and smell here.

6. You’ve decided you’re going to be Trash Heap, so what about your best friend? No worries! “Borrow” a shopping cart from a store and sit in it. Have your friend dress in old worn out clothing. Instant Bag Lady! Again, smell factor optional.

7. This one requires a bit more work. Get a gorilla costume (or prepare now and don’t shave till after Halloween). Wear a headband with those springs on top, but glue mini-toy planes on the springs. Carry around Barbie in an evening gown. You’re King Kong!

8. Wear an old black sweat suit. Use yellow fabric paint and paint a double- line down the middle vertically, front and back. Glue tiny toy cars up and down your back. Now you’re a highway. Maybe have a friend dress as cop. Watch your speed!

9. Using safety pins attach cheap watches and costume jewelry on the inside of your coat. Insist that people want to buy your goods. After all, you’re a con man.

10. Wear a large box, preferably white or tan, by making armholes and a hole at the top for you head. Paint the box if needed. Glue on items such as phone numbers, magnets, shopping lists, post-it notes, etc. Yes, you are a refrigerator.

11. This one isn’t so bad if you don’t mind being asked a million times what you are. Wearing the following: Darth Vader mask, flannel shirt, jeans, cowboy hat and boots. Carry a red light saber. What are you? (See, the question’s already starting) Darth Brooks!

12. Design a clever advertisement on a poster board. Hang it around your neck. Yes, you’re billboard. Mobile, but a billboard nonetheless.

13. This idea is for men with an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore. Wear a large box (no, you’re not a refrigerator). Decorate the box like a present, i.e. Gift-wrap it, large bow. Make a large gift tag out of cardboard and attach. On it, write: To: Women From: God. Yes, this is one time you can honestly say you ARE God’s gift to women. But remember, this expires at midnight.

14. Plaster yourself with nametags, using a different name on each. You are officially having an identity crisis.

15. Dress all in black. Wear dark sunglasses or get those fake glasses with a rubber nose and moustache. Attach a fabric strip across you and wear as a sash. Use fabric paint to write, “Bless you” across the fabric. You’ve got it—you’re a blessing in disguise!

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