Is Japan's Nuclear Crisis a Real Threat?

Is Japan's Nuclear Crisis a Real Threat?
While politics is still a hot topic, the bigger issue at hand is the devastation and loss in Japan. It seems as each day unfolds, new troubles and obstacles arise. It has been heartbreaking to see and hear of the lost lives and towns.

What is most prominent at the time is the possibility of a nuclear crisis. The threat seems to be growing day-by-day but there have also been concerns about whether or not this is a real threat.

Some believe that the media is hyping the situation and that it’s not as catastrophic as its being made to sound. Others believe that the Japanese government may not be shooting straight in the information they provide.

And now the nuclear crisis threat has begun to hit even the United States, with concerns about our nuclear plants and the possibility of radiation spreading to the west coast. But are these things we should really be concerned about?

So far we know that four nuclear reactors have been damaged. There was been talk of “some” radiation leaking into the air. Many have said that it’s not enough to draw huge concerns but others (even here in the U.S.) have begun to search for iodine, which is supposed to help protect against the development of thyroid cancer.

About 50 workers have been continuing their efforts to stabilize things at the nuclear power plants. However yesterday they were ordered away for a period of time because of a growing threat of high radiation levels. As of this writing, they are back at the facility.

Some have also expressed concerns for our journalists who are covering the crisis in Japan. Could they be potentially putting their lives at risk?

At this point we really don’t fully understand the potential dangers that exist. We hear bits and pieces and many experts offer their opinions. So at this point all we can really do is sit and wait.

But at the heart of this crisis have been many questions raised concerning nuclear power plants here in the United States. Most of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates have expressed their support for nuclear construction; however, have emphasized the need for safety.

Chernobyl has been in the minds of many…as this is brought back to memory and we face the current crisis in Japan, some have begun to question the need for nuclear energy. Yet the instability of the situation and the potential for the United States to face a serious earthquake has many wondering if we are prepared for what Japan is going through.

But what do Americans think about nuclear power? I suspect this is all going to play a huge role in the upcoming elections.

For now…I keep the people of Japan in my prayers and hope this doesn’t turn into a nuclear meltdown.

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