Crispy Spicy Falafel Recipe and Variations

Crispy Spicy Falafel Recipe and Variations
Falafel is a wonderful fast food to make at home. In restaurants and with street vendors, it is typically served in a pita pocket. It’s a “grab and go” food that is served all over the world. In some countries, McDonald’s even has falafels! Limited only by your imagination and the contents of your pantry, you can make your own variations at home. Here are a few to get you started.

Extra Crispy Spicy Falafel Recipe
This makes about 6-8 falafel patties.


1 tablespoon of minced fresh hot pepper (jalapeno, hot wax, or any that you enjoy)
1 teaspoon La Victoria Salsa Brava
1 ½ cup Ziyad Falafel Mix
1 cup cold Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus Light Beer
Oil for frying falafel pieces (I used half olive oil and half canola oil.)
Thinly sliced vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, onions, bell peppers)
Breads for your variations (These may include flour tortillas, low carb tortillas, pita pockets, fried taco shells, or tostado shells.)


In a medium mixing bowl, add the falafel mix, minced pepper, Salsa Brava, and Lime Cactus Beer. Stir until all of the mixture is moistened. Let the falafel mix stand, covered, for 30-60 minutes. This is important, since the bean chunks in the falafel dough need time to soften. The beer causes it to ferment, just a bit. This gives it a light and crispy texture.

Add enough oil to your skillet so that the oil is 1-2 inches deep. Heat the oil over medium heat. Test it by dropping l a pea sized piece of falafel into the oil. When the oil is ready, the falafel piece will float to the top. Take an egg sized lump of falafel and pat it out into a 3 inch patty. Slide it carefully into the hot oil. Continue doing this until you have filled your pan. Don’t crowd them. I like to fry four at a time. Using a slotted spatula, pull them out of the oil and put on a plate that is covered with paper towel to drain. Serve them immediately


Pita Pocket:
Gently open a warmed pita pocket. Slip the falafel patties inside. Drizzle with Tahini Sauce or Cucumber Sauce. Add your favorite thinly sliced vegetables. Serve immediately.

Falafel Tahini Sauce Wrap:
Place the warm tortilla on a plate. Crumble falafel patties down the middle of the tortilla. Thinly slice tomatoes onions, and shred some lettuce. Layer the thinly sliced tomatoes on the falafel pieces. Spoon Tahini Sauce over the falafel pieces. Add lettuce and onions on top of the falafel, tomatoes, and Tahini Sauce. If you want a bit of heat, add jalapeno slices. Roll the tortilla up like a burrito.

Falafel Tostado:
Use a microwave safe plate. On a pre-fried tostado shell, sprinkle your favorite cheese combinations to cover the tostado shell. (I like to use a Mexican blend with some pepper jack cheese.) Microwave until just melted. Crumble falafel to cover the cheese on the shell. Dollop on some Fresh Corn Salsa. Add shredded lettuce. Finish by adding a spoon full of Avocado Cucumber Sauce.

Falafel Taco:
Use a heated crispy corn taco shell. (If I’m not frying my own, I like LaTiara.) Add the falafel whole or crumbled, whichever you prefer. Sprinkle with shredded cheese. Spoon on some Fresh Corn Salsa. Add shredded lettuce. Finish by adding a spoon full of Avocado Cucumber Sauce or sour cream.

Falafel is easy and inexpensive to make it at home. The beauty of making these little treats at home is the variety that you can use to make them. Who would have thought of using Michelob Lime Cactus Beer? I had one bottle left and the thought hit me, “What if…?” The result is what you see here!

If you think of other ways to use falafel in sandwiches, please share with our community. Visit the Sandwiches forum and post your ideas. If you haven’t signed up for the forum, look on the right hand side of the forum. There is a register to post area. Just follow the directions. It’s easy!

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