The Most Bizarre Foods In Japan

The Most Bizarre Foods In Japan
The United States, is not the only country with its fair share of bizarre foods, some Japanese junk food is quite … well let me just say extra Bizarre!
Well here are some magical food wonders from Japan.

Fish Flavored Ice Cream:
Have you ever had or even heard, of a fish and ice cream combination? Sounds weird right? Well the Japanese love eating raw fish and they thought of a brilliant way to add it, to some other popular food and voila! They came up with this combination, fish flavor being added into Ice cream, thus you get fish flavored ice cream.

So instead of your usual Strawberry flavor, Coffee flavor or even Vanilla flavored Ice creams, why not try some Fish flavored Ice Cream. Might sound bizarre but it is delicious and I tell you its great as well, cos its only fair for you to brag about trying something, that's out of the ordinary ... right?

The Trials of Eating Natto:
Natto, is another Japanese food invention but its still no rocket science either, because Natto is only just fermented Soy bean, which is later cooked but the soy beans are sticky and clump together, and when you use either a spoon or chopstick, to pull it apart, your Natto will resemble what looks like sticky strings or worse… spider webs!

But the major problem, as anyone will constantly yell at you, is the smell! Natto has being known for its strong odor, which makes many to avoid this dish, well you can’t blame them, cos the smell of Natto is like food that is either moldy or rotten.

Contrary to all the negatives, Natto is a healthy dish because of its main ingredient Soybean, which has a lot of proteins in it, and also essential for healthy living.

Natto is also very easy to make, first you mix bacteria with soy bean, then leave it to ferment, for about 24 hours, next refrigerate it for seven days and that’s it, your Natto is ready.

But if smells is not your forte, for a good meal then you probably wouldn’t try a bowl of Natto, no matter the zillions of nutrients in it, but if you are adventurous and want a break from the norm, why not try Natto with rice, its delicious.

Now, here is a friendly reminder, Foreigners into Japan have being watched to rate, how well they can take a bowl of Natto, so be warned!

Fugu - On Pain Of Death:
If after a dish of Natto and you still feel that, Japanese meals haven’t hit you yet, with the most bizarre dish, why not try a plate of Fugu, which has a promise of death attached!
Fugu is also known as Blowfish, sounds normal right? Well Fugu is only, I repeat only ever prepared, by the most licensed special Chefs in Japan.
Did I hear you say, Special licensed chefs for just a plate of blowfish?

Well blowfish, contains a lot of toxins in its organs, so if ill prepared [this goes way beyond, not washing the blowfish properly] one could die within minutes, as the toxins first paralyses the limbs and muscles, next come the lungs, then one gets unconscious before death from suffocation, need I say more?

But despite all that negatives, Fugu is still a delicacy in Japan and very delicious too, customers have to be on a list and they do wait for weeks, before even getting the chance to see much less taste Fugu, so if you want to give it a try, don’t forget to book early.

Honestly after a plate of Fugu, I wouldn’t blame you, if you’re getting cold feet, but you can also try the salad Ice cream, Cactus Ice Cream, Seaweed, which are all safe options.

I’m sure you will agree with me that, the Japanese are a very ingenious people, so far as an ingredient is eatable, they add it to another combination and you get a tasty dish or delicious Flavored Ice cream, so if you are not chicken, why not give any of these delicacies a try.

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