Exercises with Delante and Adelante

Exercises with Delante and Adelante
We have already reviewed the use of adverbs" delante" and "adelante". (See: Tip of the Month - Spanish Adverbs Delante and Adelante). Here you have some exercises, but if you need help, you can look for information here:
Yahoo English/Spanish dictionary

Visit any of these online dictionaries and look for the approppriate word / expression (delante, adelante...). In case your Spanish level is more advanced, you can visit Real Academia de la Lengua. To found a good explanation on how these two adverbs have to be used, go to its web site (already mentioned above) and click on "Acceso a la página". Tben, click on "Diccionario Panhispánico de dudas" (right), and then type on the box either "adelante" or "delante", and click on "consultar". This will take you to the explanation (in Spanish).

1. Use delante, or adelante when approppriate:
a.El coche está ____________ de la casa.
b.Tienes que andar dos metros hacia ____________ .
c.La carretera pasa por ____________ de la casa.
d.¡______________! ¡Tú puedes hacerlo!.
e.La taza está ____________ del plato.

2. Translate:
a.The church is located in front of the garden.
b.Come on! You have to finish this exercise!
c.One step further.
d. The book is under your nose!
e.Go ahead and you'll find it.

1.a delante 2.a La Iglesias se encuentra (está) delante (enfrente) del jardín,
1.b delante 2.b ¡Adelante! (¡Ánimo) ¡Tiens que terminar este ejercicio!
1.c delante 2.c Un paso adelante.
1.d adelante 2.d El libro está delante de tus narices.
1.e delante 2.e Sigue adelante y lo encontrarás.

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