Sweet Spreads for Dessert Sandwiches

Sweet Spreads for Dessert Sandwiches
Sweet sandwiches are a wonderful way to mark a special occasion. They also work well on a small snack tray with some sparkling wine or with mugs of hot tea. Pair a sweet sandwich with a flavored coffee for a genuine treat. What’s an easy way to go about making sweet sandwiches?

The good folks at Philadelphia Cream Cheese have come out with some terrific spreads for sweet sandwiches. They live up to their name. This week we tried Philadelphia Indulgence at our house and we were pleased with the results. White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavors were delicious when they were spread on freshly baked chocolate bread.

White Chocolate Philadelphia Indulgence is a silky, smooth spread with a taste like a first-class cheesecake. Even right out of the refrigerator, it spreads easily on the chocolate bread. Using a light touch to spread the Philadelphia Indulgence kept the bread from breaking or tearing. I did have to watch how I smoothed the spread over the bread, since I had a tendency to mix the dark chocolate crumbs into the cream colored spread.

That wasn’t a problem with the Dark Chocolate Indulgence. Those crumbs just blended right in! This is a miracle food. How do those food scientists get so much chocolate taste into such a spreadable filling? I am just grateful that they did. Smoothed over chocolate bread, garnished with a fresh strawberry heart, this is a lover’s treat.

With so much decadent taste, you might think that these spreads would break the calorie bank. They actually compare quite favorably with fruit flavored cream cheese spreads. Two tablespoons of the Dark Chocolate Indulgence contains 110 calories, and the White Chocolate Indulgence has 120 calories. Both have 60 calories that are from fat. There are 12 grams of carbohydrate in two tablespoons full.

When you think of a sweet spread, do you think of that perennial favorite, Nutella? This is a spread made from hazelnuts, skim milk, cocoa, sugar, and palm oil. Its distinctive taste really enhances a slice of chocolate bread. The Nutella is stored at room temperature, which makes it attractive for taking on trips. It is a calorie dense food with 200 calories in two tablespoons. There are 11 grams of fat and 22 grams of carbohydrates in those two tablespoons of Nutella.

The BellaOnline Chocolate Editor developed a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Bread. I have included a link to it at the end of the article. I appreciate her dedication to chocolate, and her fabulous quick bread recipe.

Serving Suggestions:
Chill the bread and use a sharp, serrated knife to cut it into slices that are your desired thickness. Support the slices as you smooth the spreads over them.

Strawberry Indulgence Sweet Sandwich Make these open-faced sandwiches when you want to show how much you care! Take a fresh strawberry and remove the leaves from the top. At the point where the leaves came out, cut a V-shaped notch. Then, slice the strawberry vertically, making a heart shape as you slice. Spread either White Chocolate Indulgence or Dark Chocolate Indulgence onto a slice of chocolate bread. Garnish with the strawberry hearts. To prevent the sandwiches drying out, refrigerate them with a cover until serving time.

Choco Banana Sweet Sandwiches Spread Philadelphia Indulgence or Nutella on a piece of chocolate bread. Thinly slice bananas to cover the spread on the bread. Top with another slice of chocolate bread. Press down gently. Slice the sandwiches into fingers or triangles. Refrigerate them with a cover to prevent drying out until it’s time to serve these.

Fancy Open-faced Sweet Sandwiches On a piece of chocolate bread, swirl two of these spreads together. The cream color of the White Chocolate Indulgence makes a nice contrast to the Nutella or Dark Chocolate Indulgence. Use your creativity to make lovely designs with the spreads. This is one time that it’s fine to play with your food!

Making that special treat doesn’t have to mean working for hours in your kitchen. Buy the right products, use your imagination, and make a loaf of chocolate bread. Combine the bread and spreads to suit your tastes and the tastes of that special person in your life. Then, stand back and wait for the compliments!

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